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     We now live in a generation where every one wants to own a car and its more or less become a necessity than a luxury. Everyone who wants to own a car desires to have a car which has the perfect look and luxury features which he has always dreamed about. Datsun from Nissan understands this need and has come up with their new low budget car called Datsun Redi- Go.

    A unique fusion of compact cross over and urban hatch back this urban cross car is loaded with an 800cc engine,with triple petrol cylinders for combustion, with a maximum power of 54 PS and mileage of 25.17 kmpl. The car sports a low ground clearance of 185 mm like any other hatchback car. Priced between 2.5 and 3.5 lakhs, this car is definitely a clear stand out among other cars in this range.

   This car has impressed me with its very first look, and now has cemented a stand out place in my mind wanting to own it. This ultimate Urban Cross Datsun Redi- Go has got me define my very own 3 reasons from its wonderful features about why I'd wanna have my hands on this car's steering and drive my way through Chennai city.

1. The Trendy Design
This car sports a trendy sport look which stands alone for itself. From the projector headlamps in the front to classy tail lamps along with broader and wide dimension this car definitely has enough design that could pop eyes as you drive it down the road. The interior design is equally notched up with stylish leather seats and high tech dash board features which is unique among cars with such budget.

2. Comfort
Now that the looks are trendy from the outside and inside it definitely has to be equally comforting to match the quality and Datsun Redi -Go doesn't fail to provide you with the much needed comfort you ever wanted. The comfort starts with the look inside. the dashboard, the seats, the placement of Air conditioner and enough boot space for four people to sit. A good viewing angle of the road ahead from the drivers seat makes the ride a lot more comfortable and relaxed. To add more comfort to the driving experience a 5 speed manual gear transmission is there with an indicator on the display screen along the fuel monitor for smoother transmission and acceleration.

3. Safety
It is usually said that smaller cars exhibit more impact during road traffic accidents; But, in this case Datsun Redi -Go has equipped itself with a crash protection shield in the framework of the car and attached Air bags to ensure complete safety inside the car. When all these safety measures are taken, it makes one ride the car with confidence.

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With the above features I'm expecting this urban cross Datsun Redi-Go to give me a ride filled with fun, freedom and confidence to rule the streets when I driving it.

Once I get my hands on the car, I'd get along with the testing, which would be my first priority and taking this car to the hill station of Ooty would be the best thing I could do with this car. Hair pin bends where I'd test the turning radius and power steering. Toque of the car going uphill and breaks every now and then. I'm sure this Urban Cross Redi- Go would defiantly stand up when put to such task.

Now that I have found this car to fit all my requirements, I'm sure it is also gonna help me with my urban driving blues. The well designed air conditioner is definitely gonna keep my cool despite the Chennai weather, while I manage to make the most of the mileage despite the traffic issues. The small turning radius and power steering would help me easily find way through difficult paths during traffic and thus help me stay in a world of fun, freedom and confidence while I'm road.

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The Ultimate Urban Cross- Datsun redi-Go- the capability of a crossover with the confidence of a hatchback is my next choice. Have you decided on it yet ? Else,click here to know more. Also, dont forget to check out the promo below.

All the images used in this post are from Datsun's Redi-Go official page.

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