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What comes to our mind when we think about an IT company.? Computers all around and people working in their cubicles for hours, coding complex computer programmes, trying to finish deadlines under stern conditions and learning to deal with stress and depression ?
Well, that's the kind of impression I had in my mind, when I was told I was visiting an IT company to blog about them.
The moment I stepped inside Ramco Systems IT office in Chennai, it completely shattered my imagine of a IT company which was in my mind. Their perspective of being an IT company with all benefits makes me regret having taken a medicine course instead of IT.

Well, Before I go deep into my post and share my experience as to how I won the best/ most innovative tweet award, let me give you a brief intro about Ramco Systems.


Ramco Systems is a leading software solutions and service provider extending their reach from smaller solutions to big aviation firms, defense and power sectors which they are linked with. With their global presence and recognition Ramco Systems are a major player in the IT sector competing head to head with the giants in the field.

Now, Back to narrating my experience,
My invitation to attend the Bloggers meet came a couple of days before the meet and I immediately confirmed my presence for the same with Digital Influencer team. The morning of Friday was a tough day at the hospital and just past noon I was totally prepared for the bloggers meet. I reached there early to click a few pics and share a few words with fellow bloggers.

The event started on time with Sourav Jain from team Digital Influencer getting the things going. With a few words from the employees from Ramco Systems We were soon divided into teams and I was into team 'Rajinikanth' - (yes, everyone knowsThalaivar Rocks). We were then taken around the IT park and shown various segments and were given a chance to experience #LifeAtRamco.

We had a wonderful guide Tanvi Lamba from the Marketing team who took us to 'Retreat'. Retreat is that place in the office where one can forget their work tensions and relax by doing some yoga, weight training or Zumba with dedicated trainers for each. The Retreat area has a separate room for table tennis where you could smash away your daily tensions. You could even relax and play a few games on the play station. what more could you ask for during the busy hours of the day ?
I had a chance to meditate and feel the positive energy build around with those few moments I closed my eyes.

Up next was their cafe area called Fica, which served a dozen of different kinds of street food and healthy snacks. It was fascinating to learn that they have a centre table where they have official meetings inside the cafe. They have one of the best coffee brewers inside with experienced coffee making professions who know to give you the right dose of caffiene to keep you charged for the day. The best part - they also have a special Ramco stencil to give your coffee a personalized touch.
One can also play the musical instruments there, sing a song and have a great time despite getting to do their official work. WOW was the only word I could say in return before we had had to make our move to the HR department.

HR (Human Resource) Personnel are usually seen to be those who monitor what one does apart from the usual interviews they conduct. But, here at Ramco Systems, they seemed to be pretty cool and mingle around with the employees in a very friendly manner. With no stern rules and policies they know how to get the best out of their employees as they are constantly ranked the highest amongst their competitors on their global annual reports.

The next was the work area which every employ would dream about. A fussball table, a punching bag and a group of masseurs (Therapsia) for massage are the best things one can expect at work. I'm sure you'd wanna stay there and get addicted to working at Ramco Systems.

The walk around the facility was soon over as we assembled back TGIM (Thank Godness its Monday) - the place where it all began. The food lounge where inhouse healthy food is served. Our refreshments were ready. Like the food, their culture also mingled very well. And, finally came the moment when the winners of the most innovate tweet was to be announced. Just as I turned, it was my picture that was displayed on the big screen. I was so very delighted to be there and receive the award for the most innovative tweet/pic and the second best pic was for my friend Vinod V. 

The bloggers meet soon ended on a sweet note, with everyone experiencing one of the best cultures at an IT company. I'm sure anyone who decides to work with Ramco Systems would have a greater chance of living a stress free life and work to their maximum potential and easily grow up in life.

I personally feel Ramco Systems is like a IT company that breaks the usual IT stereotypes of a pedagogy system that one has to follow at work and instead, gives their employees enough space to think about being innovative at work.

It was an eventful day for me, something I won't forget as a blogger/ social influencer, powered by Digital Influencer which gave me a chance to walk away with the biggest prize for the evening. After my #LifeAtRamco experience I wish I'd find a suitable job place/ hospital which could be the same as this.
For more infromation, you can check out thier website Ramco Systems )and can can catch up with Ramco systems on their Facebook page or on Twitter

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