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    Everyone gets excited when there is a mega shopping event happening in the city. This time around it is one of the biggest electronics mega sale that's happening at the Viveks Warehouse in Chennai.
Viveks, for years has been one of the trusted brand of electronics retailers in the city and has decided to take give their loyal customers a new and much bigger shopping experience. This time, they decided to open up their warehouse and let the customers walk in for the mega sale happening between 25th and 27th march- the three big days of the mega long holiday weekend.

On the evening of 25th I was invited to prepare myself for one of a kind experience to come my way on the morning of 26th where I'd be having to experience the Viveks Warehouse sale and walk the talk with the CEO of the company.

Morning of 26th, I was pretty excited as I made my way to their facility (though, I was the last the reach) , I was welcomed whole heartedly and was introduced to the CEO Mr B.A Srinivasa, who gave a wonderful insight into how the market functions. He explains how his team works, how they manage getting customer their satisfied all the time. How they manage home deliveries within 24 hours, how they procure their products and how they keep the stocks going. Customer satisfaction remains the top most priority as and what it reflected from the words of the CEO, who reflected words of wisdom in every word he spoke

We were next asked to tour the facility with the CEO who showed us how the products were placed and how they meant to satisfy the needs of customers who come with different budgets.
The walk also gave us a chance to see the pricing of different products around the 39,000 sq feet facility. I had a wonderful time live tweeting the whole walk as well.

Must say, from mobiles to laptops, from small electronics to appliances, from home to kitchen needs Vivek's Warehouse sale is treat to any one who loves shopping as it redefines shopping experience

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