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My life had been in a terrible stress a few months back, the floods, the set of medical camps, personal life tensions, deadlines and stuff. My life came to a point where I was wondering whats the purpose of life and that's when I happened to get his copy of Songs of the Mist by Shashi. This book took me to a world of calmness which was what I was craving for. Shashi also happens to be a friend of mine, he's an Engineer by profession a writer by passion who is very well known for his Haiku's over the social media. Awarded as the best blogger under spiritual category, Shashi has always written posts which have a deep sense of connectivity. He's a regular visitor to the divine shrines and seeks peace out of it.

But, before I go deep into this review, let me tell you I had to temporarily forget the fact that the author was my friend so that I could read the book more comfortably and do justice to the book before I write a proper review.

This book is the first book of the "The Monk Key"series which has further chapters to come in its upcoming book. Speaking about this book one; The book has a wonderful appeal with the title written in bold. Designed by Notion press, the publication house, the cover design is very relevant to the story. The book has 197 pages which is priced around 299 rupees and is available on all leading e- commerce sites.

The songs of the mist is based on the character of 5 different people/protagonists (Ayan, Ashutosh, Anishka, Calliope and Vasudha) who are from different walks of life that plan their way to visit a Tibetan monk up in the Himalays just to know about things they don't know about life and to gain spirituality and connect with life. What happens next ? Do they seek guidance to what life is ? Do they discover what they have been looking for ? Read Songs of the mist to know more and get connected to reality
This book does take some time to develop personal connect with the life of the characters; But, once you get a grip over it you'd never wanna put this book down. The characters are limited and are very well defined by the author. The language is simple and easily connects with the readers. The beauty of the Himalayas and the journey has so very well being defined that would definitely wanna make anyone go on one such journey. The connections of science and spiritualism has superbly been written, and author has done plenty of research behind it to include it in the story. The book very well answers those so called un answered questions of life where we humans tend to go wrong. On a personal level, anyone would feel connected with the book and end on a level where they take back a powerful message

4.5/ 5 


This book is a wonderful read for anyone from any walk of life who has serious questions about his existence in this world and is in search of inner peace and divinity. Must also say, this is a must have book for spiritual seekers.

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