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I boarded my flight to her pleasing smile,
Unusual was something such sexy and in style.
She was gonna fly with me for miles,
And I could see her confidence as she walked past the aisles.

I enjoyed the coffee that came with her
And her scent that aroused me stronger.
She turned again, and gave me a smile,
That cured my mid air emptiness for a while.

Within no time, we had to land,
Everyone was ready to disband,
So was I. After a little whew,
I looked back, while her smile was still to continue.

- Sulaiman Sait

This poem is dedicated to one of the flight crew members (The air hostess specifically) who made my dull morning bright with her everlasting smile.
I've heard some people call them (Air hostess) plastic while some look at them with a wrong insight. They are someone who are doing a commendable job and to what I've seen many enjoy their role and commend their presence in the flight.
Salute to those women for making our journey comfortable.

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