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     To Start, I feel glad in letting my readers know the fact that I'm into the field of Clinical research, a field I love the most. I was waiting for long to graduate and to start my job. Here it is now, been three months and I stand at the position of a Pharmaco Kinetic Investigator, where I deal with BABE (Bio Availability and Bio Equivalence) studies in human subjects which we conduct at our research lab.

In lieu to my pending poetry for the month, here it is "The B-A-B-E Poem"

He was a test sample drug,
While, She was a reference drug,
They met at the research lab
Placed next to each other on the dosing slab

Based on randomization schedule,
they were  individually dosed to the healthful.
Despite all research ethics and blinding,
They were ready for serum binding

Just as their concentrations were at prime,
samples of blood were drawn at scheduled time
They braved the serum sample separation
to reach the bio analysis station

Their pharmaco kinetic parameters matched
so perfectly at every time point, that they overlapped.
The investigators soon declared them one,
ready to safely heal humans on a long run.

- Dr. Sulaiman Sait

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