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     Our Lives today have become a lot hectic, many people have lost the track of sunrise and sunset while they look to chase money and dreams on daily basis. Sadly, back home, many miss to take care of their health. Our sedentary life style has affected us in such a way that most of us today are a victim of life style diseases such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes, along with each of these diseases comes risk of cardiac effects such as atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries due to fat deposition) , Coronary heart disease (or Ischemic heart disease) and even risk of heat attack,leaving behind a serious threat to our own life.

    Earlier, I was a victim of being dragged into this sedentary lifestyle,  my diet was untimely, and irregular. It had more carbohydrates and less proteins, my stress levels were high, my activities were limited and I noticed that my wieght kept increasing, which got me into depression of not being able to take care of my self. It was a long battle with my own self, till I finally found a solution to take care of my own self and ensure I have a good mental and physical workout every day.

I'm sure this problem is something that many people face today, and what we fail to see is that the problem is within us, we lag the motivation and dedication to take care of our own self. That driving force that is needed for us to stay healthy remains missing.

The mantra to most of these daily problems remains in  staying active at work, eating better and healthy food, and being happy, away from tensions.

Staying active at work remains a major challenge with most of us being seated for hours together, right in front of the computer. I faced the same problem, and the solution to this was involving myself in enough ground work and moving up and down the stairs instead of using the lift. It was that inner motivation, that dragged me to do my own work, from running around to take print outs or scan documents, from moving down for a cup of coffee or gathering things for a presentation. I do my own work instead of calling on office boys for it. I even took this to the next level, that I stopped using the intercom and started going directly to the person I wanted to meet. This ensure that I stayed active and got me immediate solutions to my own needs. To wrap up my day, I use public transport (bus and train) to make my way back home, that involves enough walking and exercise.

Being happy is the most important mantra for a long life. Every one today has stress, I feel the stress as well on daily basis; but, I leave my tensions once I leave my office. As far as possible, I ensure that I don't reflect my tensions/ stress in any means. I move around joking with people, playing a few pranks and what not, that not only diverts myself from tension, but,keeps me happy throughout the day. Above all this remains the fact that I love my work, that makes me enjoy what I do and remain stress free .

Eating healthy and better is a major aspect in life's pyramid. I'm someone who lives to eat healthy, instead of being forced to eat to live healthy. I have started planning my meals with proper proportion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, that ensures good digestion and enough energy to last the day. Timely eating remains a little concern, but I mostly ensure that I eat my lunch within the provided time. I use the right quality and choice of oil in my food that makes it taste better and stays healthy for me.

Using the right choice of  oil while cooking can also help us ensure that we stay active, eat better and stay happy. Saffola oils over the years have been promoting the need for a healthy oil for a healthy heart. Saffola oil does not only provide a good source of PUFA (poly unsaturated fatty acids, known to reduce risk of heart diseases) but, also has enough source of essential vitamins like Vitamin A,D,E and K, that keeps us healthy. Vitamin E of such oils is what has anti oxidant properties that ensures that stress doesn't hit our health.

Me and my family have switched over to Saffola and we have seen a good change in our daily life along with the small steps (chhote kadam) we take at work, diet and fun we have at daily basis. I even happened to check my healthy life score on and it was indeed healthy, its your turn now to lead a healthy life. Switch over to a healthy oil and live a healthy life.

"I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart"

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