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Being a foodie is a great experience, it also means that it becomes a difficult task to keep our taste buds away from yummy food every time we encounter it. There are moments when we really wait for a weekend to get over only to rush to our favorite restaurant to hog a plate or two of one particular dish we have been craving for the whole week. There are moments, when midweek tiredness gobbles all our energy about waiting at the restaurant or we have to travel over the weekend. This leaves our taste buds waiting. 

How I really wished there could be a kiosk, where I could go and get my favorite dish (cooked), just ready and hot enough for me to consume directly. How I really wished to avoid waiting gazing at the face of other enjoying their meal while I jealously look at them cursing at the waiter for making it late. Well, I'm glad there is a solution now....  With Frshly, your gastronomical delights have been made to simplify.

Frshly is a first of a kind automated retail market place, where common man can have access to their choice of dishes from leading food chains served to them at a kiosk installed at common places such as IT Parks, Railway stations, Airports and leading Malls. 

Frshly has tied up with these leading chains of restaurants and meal providers to ensure you get the same food at the kiosk the way it tastes at the restaurant it self. The team at Frshly collects the meal from the restaurants, bar codes it and loads it into the kiosk/ Frshly machine. All you got to do is, (i) download the Frshly app and order your meal, then reach the kiosk and get your meal out or (ii) Order a meal from the kiosk directly. The food will be served to you within 90 seconds of making your order. The food will remain there in the machine till the stipulated time as tested by the team, following which it will be discarded if not ordered. 

I have personally had my chance to experience Frshly as a part of a blogging campaign at SP infocity and it was an amazing experience. I happened to try my hands out on ordering food via Frshly kiosk and I chose to order Madarasi Biriyani. As promised my meal was right in front of me within 90 seconds. Direct from the shelves into the microwave and on to my hands. 

The Madarasi biriyani costs roughly 135 rupees and is coupled with chicken and egg which is beautifully packed in a bio-degradable package. The meal was indeed yummy. The rice was well-cooked, not the usual Basamati rice, but good quality zeera Sambha rice blended with perfect spices. The chicken pieces were limited, but, well cooked. The brinjal gravy was spicy and equally good. Not to forget, the soft and filling bread halwa that comes along with this combo.

My first round summed up while I completed this, and soon then we began with a second round, where I happend to taste Chicken Biriyani from Anjappar Hotel. It costs the same as Madarasi Biriyani, but had basamathi rice and comes with a parrota along side in the combo. My co bloggers who were vegetarians had a great meal too, trying their hands at Pulao rice, paneer and chapatti. This is what Karthik Murli had to say about his veg meal and experience(click here). To sum up, The food was really good, worth the price and provided a sufficient quantity for one to satisfy the cries of their tummy.

5 Reasons I'd definitely recommend you to try Frshly when you spot it...

1) Food remains untouched by hand from preparation to opening of pack
2) Quality of food is well maintained
3) Partnership with big brands and support of small upcoming food chains
4) Initiated by an Indian start up company - Owl Tech
5) Use of Bio-degradable food grade containers

To wrap up, I'm sharing with you this commercial video of Frshly.

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