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The part one of this Story "Love over the Generations" has been written by Siva Subramanian as a part of blogging activity by Chennai bloggers club. Click here to read Part I of the story.

Prabakaran and Samantha were all excited to get back to Pondicherry. Anita was planning for surprises online that she could offer her grandparents on the eve of their 50th wedding anniversary. Kevin joined in giving his choices and opinions over the planning of a surprise.

Elsewhere, back at Pondicherry Geetha and Shankar were excited to hear that their son and daughter-in-law were making their journey back. Geetha, who was in her early 70’s had planned to go for local Sunday market shopping to grab all the required groceries and itineraries her son liked so that she could do it all by herself before he could come. There was that bit of joy and happiness in her over the return of her son.

A day to go for their 50th anniversary, Geetha was at the kitchen making coffee for Shankar as she was speaking about some old memories that she had about their early days of marriage. That’s when she heard the door bell. Shankar who was sitting in the hall reading newspaper made his way to the main door and opened it, Geetha came from behind. They were wondering who this young Indian looking girl and a foreign guy were.

“Thatha, Namaste” Said Kevin, and  Anitha followed ‘Namaste Thatha, paati’.
Geetha and Shankar were so happy to see Anita, Prabakarn and Samantha followed their way and took blessings from the elder couple before stepping inside.

Geetha and Shankar took over and ensure that the two couples settled down with time. She made coffee and breakfast for all as Samantha helped her mother-in-law.
Following their breakfast, Anita and Kevin made their way out into the city, while Samantha was busy having long talks with her mother in law.
Prabakaran joined his dad who was busy watching a game of Cricket.

Kevin and Anita returned late night in a cab with a couple of party planners who got the apartment ready in a couple of hours. There were fancy decorations around, old photos of the couple and moments from their fun filled vacations.
“What’s the need for this dear?” Sankar asked.
“Its okay Thatha, we all love you and this is just a small gift of happiness” Kevin answered.
The grand cake cutting happened the was followed by photo sessions.
Anita and Kevin had planned for something else as well, and it needed all to be at the beach situated behind the house .
There was a bonfire, and there were chairs around it. Shankar was desperate to know about Kevin and Anita.
 While Anita and Kevin were explaining their love life, Prabakaran and Samantha held their hands.
“See dad”, Prabakaran added ‘Kids these days have grown up to make their choices’ I still remember the way you chased me when I opened up to you that I had loved Samantha who was my classmate back then”

“Tell us more uncle…” Kevin requested.

Prabakaran narrated “It was a traditional ritual here that we marry people from our own caste. While, I was a Hindu, and Samantha was a Christian, we had been neighbors earlier and also classmates since school. I always had a liking for her and it took college for me to tell my love for her.”
“We lived in a secret relationship for over 2 years and one fine day I decided to break the bubble and tell it to my parents.”

“Appa was so angry that he chased me down the whole colony and trapped me indoors and whipped me down. I still didn’t give up despite amma explaining a whole lot of things to me’
“ Just as I got my job in Chennai, I decided to call Samantha there and we secretly got married, making it a tough task for amma-appa to accept us. The relatives made it tough and within no time we moved to Paris over my transfer and have been celebrating love in a lovely city. Amma- Appa were here for a decade before deciding to come back to Pondicherry to find peace”
Samantha had tears in her eyes as she spelled parts of her journey with prabakaran and how Anita’s birth Changed things.

The eldest couple of the lot had tears but was happy to see their son and family happy.
Anita requested her grandparents to share moments from their love life and that’s when Shankar opened up.
“ Our marriage was love cum arranged marriage, I met Geetha a day before our engagement, and I fell in love with her. There were 6 months between my engagement and marriage and I could not sleep a single night without seeing Geetha”

Shankar continued “There have been days, when I dressed like a beggar and went to her house to only have a glimpse of her while she would make the beggar sit and serve them . There have been days when I took a monkey in hand as a tribal person. I have been a clown and what not for her.”
“Those 6 months were the longest period of my life…  we soon got married and had our first child, sadly God took it back from us. Then Prabakaran was conceived, we brought him up with utmost care and love and today we are here together”

Wow, that’s an amazing life story to hear thatha, Anita spoke as she moved towards her grandparents and hugged her.
“Well, lets celebrate now” Prabakaran said as Kevin and Anita were building up the fun for their grandpartents over the night.
It was till late morning 3 that the couples were at the beach, till Shankar called it off to make a way back home.

Kevin and Anita saw the two elder couples make their way while they decided to hold hands and move towards the beach to wet their feet.
Kevin looked at the love across the generations and understood how there were different ways each generation shared their love. He decided to pen it down in his next book
Anita and Kevin spent their time amidst the waves till sunrise.

Kevin returned back to Paris and soon wrote a book titled “Love over the Generations” which was doing good in the market and had been nominated for a few book awards. He couldn’t have thanked Anita enough for having taken him to Pondicherry where he learnt the real meaning of love that he deciphered in his book.

- Sulaiman Sait

This post is written for the 'Love Theme' contest by the Chennai Bloggers Club, in association with Woodooz and Indian Superheroes

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