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I remember the beginning,when I was wet clay,
primary school did the molding.
I still cant forget those immortal memories of school
Where everything was serious, no playing fool.

I remember how school made me grow up with time,
For those moral lessons needed for lifetime.
I still cant forget those lunch boxes stuffed with bun, butter and jam.
Those serious and nervous moment, never like exam.

I remember, me and my friend with a hunch,
our talking, jesting and laughing moments during lunch.
I still cant forget our talks about muscles, six packs were common,
For, we were gonna be the future men.

I remember those celebrity posters and movie's discussion,
Staying away from politics or recession.
I still cant forget those pok-e-mon cards, nor the canteen- our place to fest,
Where we enjoyed the best.

I remember the last page game bingo,
Playing pen-fight with other pens to borrow.
I still cant forget making our own fake story,
And others believing-Oh really..?

I remember the end of this now,
seeing the auditorium curtains fall from above.
I still cant forget those best moments of life.
Missing those unforgettable days school life.

-Sulaiman Sait

     I wrote this poem after my visit to school after a long time.  The moment I entered the campus there was an immediate flashback running in front of me, where I remembered my kindergarten days, when dad used to hold my hands and walk all the way inside to drop me. I was really tiny then, when compared to the senior students. Cant forget my primary classes, where I made my friends.   The High school studies and new buddies, The Senior Secondary school cultural's, sports, and backbench noises we made, those hide and seek games with teachers we played. First crush, time wasting blush, mimicing teachers, looking at wandering creatures.... there are pages and pages to pen down, which would take ages to finish, hence I blogged this here, cause I really miss my school life, but here are some pics of my school and how I enjoyed being back to school

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pics credit;- E.NIKHIL



  1. Thanx Suliaman. I remembered my school dayysssssssss. I just Loved the pics

  2. nothing beats ASAN, the pics bring back a lot of memories. anyone from asan can connect with the poem easily

  3. @Ravee:- Yea ur right. Im really missing ASAN a lot. No where on earth we could have enjoyed as much we enjoyed at asan...! Miss u to buddy

  4. @anonymous ; ur right nothing beats asan. Those immortal memories will stay for long...
    the reason I added the pics was for my friends to relive back those memories
    any ways thanx.

  5. oh.... thaks a lot sulai... it jus brought back those wonderful days in front of ma eyes.... its our heaven notin can replace ASAN.... more than tis coll life our asan life s d best of best ... miss u al... most lovable days .. <3

  6. @Rohini:- welcome...!
    I want all my firends to relive back those moments that the reason why I put the pics along here>>.
    asusual it a pleasure being an asanite

  7. Awesom poem :) ya now itslf i miss asan :( nothing like Asan :D luvd allll my yrs at asan :D im happy dat i studied in asan frm UKG :D :D <3 <3

  8. @kevin:- i made a whole 14 years at asan...!and like every one above said, I agree there is no place like asan and will definitely miss asan...!

  9. its nice to see these pics and a page for our old memorable moments
    thanx to u for this wonderful blog......

  10. @RAghav: Thanx man for visiting...! I know its been 4yrs since u ve been at skl...!
    and welcome>>
    if this blog is famous and is at such heights its cause of your support

  11. aww...just cant forget second home...thnx sulaiman for the memories

  12. @ fahad;- you are right- ASAN was our second home...!
    and welcome...!

  13. dude ,.....the poem is really wonderful,..but about the pics sulai , You need to give the credit to me man,...don't you think it's a copyrighted stuff? anyways,......keep it going..!

  14. @nikhil:- I attribute the whole pics credit to you(sorry little late) and I have put your credits...!
    thanx for the wonderful pics...!

  15. sulaiman gud work dude..these pics are awesome man... keep up with ur gud work..
    u made me remember those asan dayz

    my best wishes with you
    from- Neetu Senguptha

  16. Truly immortal. Great post. *nostalgic*

  17. @megs.smiles: Thank you for stopping by and after reading to post this comment.
    you mentioned the right word- nostalgic, and yes indeed immortal too....!

  18. This did take me back to my old school days as well. College was fun. But It was at school where the fun was blended with the innocence of the young minds. How I miss my school!

    Very well written. Each word portrays the emotions so very well :)

  19. @ashwini:- you are cent percent right- school was fun and we where real innocent...!

    Thankyou for liking my poem...!

  20. *tears* ~ I'd so much of memories in my school and college days..

  21. @someone is special :- ha ha thats nostalgic . . .!

    thanks for the comment. . .!

  22. your school seniorAugust 14, 2013 at 12:08 AM

    Awesome work Dude!!.. i really like it!!.. but a small disappointment :(!!.. you forget to mention about our Football experiences!!..


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