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Every day on my way to college, on the road side,
I pass by an woman,
It looks as if she is there to hide,
Without any reason.
She is old and has a wrinkled face,
In her hands grabbing a cut necklace.
She looked hungry and needy of food,
She was sitting with her saree covering her head like a hood.
Always seeing her food bowl dry,
It sheds water out of my eyes, I cry.
At times she sits there in the Cold,
Shivering and her body not coordinating to her being old.
She was uncomfortable with her hunchback,
Collecting the money offered to her in a patched bag.
Every morning I offer her a cup of tea,
Which she accepts boldly.
I show her love and expect back nothing,
cause all I want was her blessing.

College is over, its holidays,
I was missing her all these days.
I was waiting for college to begin,
I wanted to see her livin
so I went there,
But this time she wasn't there.
I felt as if I had lost her,
now and forever,
Seeing her missing,
my heart started crying,
She has never returned back till now,
But has become a part of my memory now.

-sulaiman sait


  1. Hats off for your courtesy man and btw poem is very expressive.

    1. @Chitta vrotto --> thanks a ton, and Im glad you liked it :-)


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