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     As usual, after a dull performance in my physiology exam, I was returning back home, I generally make up on time to take the 1:50pm noon train to home cause its roughly empty all the time. I was having my white coat in my hand along a novel as I always do read to kill the journey time, with this I got into the first class compartment. It was looking empty, so it became easy enough for me to leap on to a window seat. The train started and a young couple entered in running, they got in with a hush and were giggling aloud. I didn't bother to give them a second look. I was busy with my novel.
     Time went by and the couple settled down behind me and their sounds were down, I couldn't even hear a whisker from them. With some doubt I turned back and saw them both kissing. I didn't bother to disturb them and was again busy reading my book. Soon their sound's of romancing became loud then louder. I again turned back and saw them enjoying. I was blank. Immediately i pulled out my music player and plugged the earphones into my ears and was busy with songs at a lower volume. This music was now diverting my concentration away from the book. soon the next station came and a healthy public got in.

     I was asked to move and sit as I was sitting near a seat meant for physically challenged people. I moved to the opposite seat. within no time the whole compartment was full and seeing a old woman stand, I stood up and gave place to her, and I had to continue my journey standing.
     I again had a look at this couple who was still romancing amid the passengers around. I was feeling shameful looking at them. They were so blind in love that they forgot that the compartment is full and there are people seeing around. I do agree that love is blind but what they were into was really out of control, I saw a mother closing the eyes of his young son so that he doesn't look at them. people were really getting irritated with the activity they were doing. As time went they both stood up, adjusted their hair, makeup and clothes and made a move.
     I really couldn't bare it and decided to put this article on my blog. I know what's love and the feeling of love. Its not the story only of this couple, there are many other couple's who do the same in public places, frankly speaking its an embarrassment to people around. We people stay in a country enriched with manners and well behaved people. This is a serious consequence of westernization in India. People have to understand what's love and how to live accordingly to the Indian culture and behave suitably around in the surroundings.
     I know that I have put up a controversial topic here, but people have to understand the fact that it doesn't suit the Indian culture. If any one loves following this, then India is not the place for it.....!


  1. love always doesn't be shown by actions

  2. Vaapis shuru kar diya kya?

  3. yaar is topic ke baare mei baat karna jaroori hai..! I wanted to ppl abt what they were doing was wrong and is not accepted in Indian society

  4. Love is disgraced best when there is lust along. Any love can begin only with mutual respect for each other. I Hate those people who combine love and lust & give stupid excuses by call it affection - Also i'm not against public displays of affection. There are etiquettes for PDA. At times people forget it.


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