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      Rohan was one amongst the brightest student of his batch, and was able to ace in his examinations. It was his final semester and he was busy working all alone on a disaster management project. In the last couple of months he dedicated his everything and everything towards his project and it was nearing completion.

     One fine day after presenting his project, impressed by Rohan's talents, his HOD forwarded an interview letter to him wanting his betterment and an MNC firm.

As per his HOD's orders he approached the firm for his interview. The whole interview was two day long, where the first day would be a group discussion to see leadership qualities and the second day would include personal interviews to sieve through the candidates as per their requirements.
    Rohan, had a little fear as he appeared for the group discussion round with his ill groomed beard, he was a little nervous as well when he was asked to start the group discussion. He started the discussion (scratching his beard) and was competed point to point by a pretty looking girl in knee length skirt and a red blazer over a white shirt, named Kamini. who was trying to divert everyones attention. The discussion went well and a small group of job seekers including Rohan and Kamini were asked to come on the second day for their scores and results. The talk over everyone's lips was "that (Kameeni) Kamini is gonna win".

    Rohan knew his weakness was his beard, that was growing like some parasite on him keeping him feel low all the time. It just took him a couple of moments to take a decision and the following day Rohan returned for the interview with a clean shave. The results of group discussion were announced and Rohan stood second after Kamini. Kamini was completely shocked seeing Rohan in his new avatar..she was staring at him clean shaved and ever handsome that she ended up underperforming and Rohan ended up with his job offer, while she was given a second chance to try.

  It was Rohan's clean shave that gave him a confidence as he got selected for the post at the R&D. With time he understood, his clean shave gave him some confidence as he maintained a clean shaved and a well groomed face.

Today Rohan is the head of R&D at the MNC and is a special adviser to the board of chairmen for national disaster management project

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