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Dull face of Fresh face ??

    It was the beginning of a new life for me as I joined college, the aura was totally different when compared to that I had at school. School life was totally different, I was asked, forced and compelled to study and there was not time for me to excel in my interest which included mimicry and acting. College was different, and everything was new, a new aura, a new set of friends as I set up to move towards my dream.
     The first few months of my college life went in adjusting to my daily life, where travelling took a toll on me and having to satisfy my parents in terms of results was top of the to do list. The turn of the semester was probably the best part, a decent set of results and a chance to be a part of the drama team that would act on world theater day, where I was selected to play the role of an mafia. I enjoyed my rehearsals during which I happened to grow my beard and long hair for the character, which was well appreciated by everyone.

    World theater day did go by successfully and immediately it was turn for a leading daily paper from Chennai, to visit our college as a part of their promotion campaign to visit a number of colleges in the city to select a set of talented youngsters as a part of their fresh face challenge, that would represent their brand. I was desperate to be a part of this campaign and registered my self on the morning of the fresh face challenge. All we had to do for the fresh face challenge was to walk down the ramp, show some confidence and express one's talent to be noticed by the judges.

    It was time for the talent hunt to begin. The beard that I had was something that lowered my confidence... I knew that the judges would look for talent wouldn't pay attention to the beard. So I decided to keep my beard as a prompt and go forward. I did walk the ramp with confidence, and was able to act, but somewhere I felt my beard hinder my confidence as I stumbled a couple of times. By the end of the round I had a guilt feeling that I didn't do well.

    It was the results time and I realized that a good chance had gone begging. I happened to speak with the event co-coordinator, who just said one thing "we are looking for a fresh face, not a dull face" I was desperate to participate the following year, but the rules restrict participation only for first year students.

    Even today those memories of that dull face do haunt me as it was so close, yet so far opportunity for me to become the fresh face :( I do know it was a missed chance, and it's pointless regretting over it. Every time its not possible to wait for an event to shave, so I've decided to be ever ready and have a clean shaved and a well groomed face to avoid any such failure and disappointments..

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