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Sunday 9th Nov 2014,
8:00 am;

     It was long since sunup and Rhea just enters her home, exhausted after a night long posting at the ICU. She collects the newspaper and a couple of milk packets kept at her grill gate. Keeping them on the table she moves towards the room to take a look at her husband Rajesh and her 5 year old daughter Rasha.

Rasha rubs her eyes as she sees her mother enter into the room, while Rajesh was sleeping unaware.

"Morning Beautiful, did you have nice sleep... ?? Did you miss Mamma ??"

Rasha nods her head as she comes and hugs her...

Rajesh wakes up by then and starts yelling "Shit! Its 8:15"

Rhea calmly says "Relax dear, its Sunday, your usual post duty off"

He holds her by her shoulders, shakes her and in a loud tone he replies "No......, Not today, my manager has asked me meet a client from US at 9, quick get my things ready, I gotta rush..."
Sense of touch
Pic credits : PABL(screenshot from the video below)

In a state of disarray, she picks up the milk packets and moves to the kitchen to make some coffee for both. She poured the milk into the milk cooker and lights the stove. As the vessel heated, her mind went back to those days when Rajesh used to dedicate time for her, those days when she had just completed her graduation and he used to spend evenings with her, those movies they went together, those romantic nights in each others arms, the care he took when she was pregnant.. Those moments, became a part of her past as things had gone a little sleazy after the birth of Rasha, after which Rajesh had also got a number of promotions, and there has been success at every step for him.

She could smell the milk boil, quickly takes it off the stove and pours it into a couple of coffee mugs and adds enough coffee powder and sugar to make the coffee strong. She then pours the remaining milk in a tumbler with Bournvita for Rasha. She toasts a couple of bread on the pop up toaster and rushes to the table with breakfast. Rajesh sandwiches the bread with a slice of cheese as he munches it glazing at the headlines from the paper kept on the table. He completes his coffee and leaves in a hurry without a proper goodbye. Rhea completes her daily work, and decides to crash on the bed.

Evening 4:30 pm,

Rasha wakes up her mom saying"mama mama, pappa bula rahe hain" in her baby tone.
Rhea feels the grunt, as all these things had taken a toll on her, and she decides to continue her nap, while Rajesh enters into the room.

In a state of hunger Rajesh says "Wake up baby, Im hungry"

In a sulky tone Rhea replies "kuch der aur baba, Im tired.. do one thing na... order something na...."

Rajesh places his palm over her arms which are exposed and rubs them in a loving way... Rhea looks at him as he feels her unnourished skin, rough and dry, that he withdraws his hand back...

Rhea whispers "Roka Kyun ?" (why did you stop)

Rajesh turns around, and replies in a sluggish tone "you... you, seem to have gone.... (pause) old... look at you, your radiance has gone down.., your skin has become rough, I just don't feel like sticking my body along with you.. He slowly diverts the matter and moves on to order lunch...

That evening Rhea comes across this advertisement of Parachute Advansed Body Lotion on TV. On their way to dinner Rhea asks Rajesh to stop the car to get hold of this from the super market.

As they sit to dine Rajesh says Rhea that he has a flight to Singapore the next day and would be back by 15 Saturday night by 11PM . "Okay Ji" Rhea replies as she completes her cuisine.

Back home, Rhea opens the pack and applies the lotion over her body. She finds it smooth and makes up her mind to go with the product and to use it daily.

The next morning Rajesh leaves to Singapore, even before Rasha could get up. Rhea starts off her day from there and the routine continues through the week, and has a night posting at the hopital, before which she drops Rasha at her mothers place

Sunday 16th Nov 2014,
8:25 am

Rhea, as usual exhausted after her night long posting, enters into house and decides to wake up Rajesh, who is sleeping after a jetlag. She opens the room curtains and decides to wake Rajesh. She's left in two minds and decides to walk away, when Rajesh suddenly grabs hold of her hand.

There is something different this time, Rhea's skin was soft, smooth, nourished, mosturised and was radiating even after hours since her night posting began. Rajesh felt this change and was swaying his hands around her. She enjoyed it as their proximity reduced and Rajesh complements her by showing a dose of love which she hadn't got since long.

All It took was a week, there was a change in Rajesh as well, he loved her skin, and even loved to comeback early and spend some time caressing and cuddling Rhea, as they found that missing touch in their love life...

In todays busy life, its really difficult for couples to keeps the loving spark alive. Its not actually the lack of love or romance , but a lack of passion that goes down with time. Once such way to re ignite this passion is by the sense and experience of touch.Parachute Advansed Body Lotion believes you can #BringBackTheTouch and rekindle the joy in your relationship. But, first you need to awaken your sensual self. Touch, feel, caress, discover and  #BringBackTheTouch

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    1. Thank you Simran... Glad you enjoyed reading this :-)

  2. Simply wonderful story. I loved it...thank u so much for sharing the post.

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