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Ab Montu Bolega - Strepsils India Campaign
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     Chennai, A city where one of the first Railway system was started in this country under the British rule. Its been more than a decade and a half since services have begun and evolved. From those days of Diesel locomotive to electric engines a lot of development has taken place. To add more we also have local sub urban trains shuttling in and out of the city and the very recent addition to Chennai would be the upcoming of Chennai Metro Rail which would begin its services after the turn of new year...

   Chennai, as many know is also the hub of Southern Railways and also the nucleus for train and locomotive construction ( At ICF) for the entire country. Chennai Central Railway station or Madras Central station is a decade old as well, but still serves its purpose with 15 platforms and over 3,50,000 passengers commuting to almost every part of the country. Similarly Chennai's Sub urban railway manages to help passengers move in and out of the city for their work. On an average 14,60,000 people use the Sub urban railway on daily basis.

    Despite peak hour rush and round the clock work, Indian Railways (Southern Railways - as a part) is doing a tremendous job in keeping the worlds largest railway network intact bearing the safety of passengers. But, amidst all these achievements and milestones in railway transporting, only one thing , according to me has been lagging and needs utmost importance- Clean Railway stations.

     A survey done to assess the cleanliness of Chennai Central Railway station, saw that the station got only 183 points out of possible 300 points for grab. The study was not done at other sub urban stations, which would definitely be less. The untidiness that is usually seen is from fecal matter, that drops down from the bogies or tea cups, biscuit and chips wrapper thrown by commutators. Most of the times these pollutants are usually burn alongside the station.

    The major issue lies with the dropping of human fecal matter, which serves as a breeding ground to a variety of infectious diseases. Though passengers have been warned not to use the lavatories during the train halt at a station, many passengers don't give a ear to it. To worsen these conditions are pits and drains are usually blocked and its not common to find water stagnate there. Sub-Urban stations aren't far behind, except for the fact that these local trains don't have lavatories and no fecal matter pollution is seen in these stations.

    The Southern Railway has taken wholesome steps to stop polluting these stations, but to very less effect. The officials have done their best and are still doing their best, but its up to the people to behave civilized. Its very important to raise a voice against this. Also, Railway laws should be made strict and passengers who pollute should be penalized.

    I have been a regular train commutator who uses the sub urban train on regular basis for the last 5 years. I have restricted myself from throwing waste outside the window, and have used dustbins. If dustbins aren't available I keep the waste and dispose the waste accordingly. I wish people take up their responsibility of maintaining cleanliness of their surrounding, atleast by abiding to the Swatch Bharath campaign proposed by our honorable Prime Minister.

    We know that raising our voices against all that is dirty in our country is a power that we all have. Let’s exercise the power of our voice & work towards a Swach Bharat. I have written this post as a part of #AbMontuBolega Campaign organized nationally by Strepsils India, who have decided to raise a voice and campaign to bring about cleanliness in India. I wish this message to end polluting our railway station begins from Chennai and is carried out throughout the nation despite being a lot  challenging that a herculean task. You too can join this campaign, by following them on their Twitter account and Facebook page and raiseyour voice against issues like these.... Kyonki Ab, Bin Bole Nahin Chalega.


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