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Pleasure or Pressure: Say NO to pre marital sex

    It was yet another day at Obstetric and Gynecology ward, chief Dr. Melinda was back after performing a cesarean delivery. There was a little tiredness that seemed to make her feel dull after being on duty for the night. She had called me to discuss on certain issues and to hand over the posting for her weekly off. We were having our discussion when a case came in from the emergency with an attempt to suicide, the patient was quite stable, yet there was something unusual about her, she seemed worried about it. Dr. Melinda attended on her immediately and I was asked to join her immediately . The nurse had her prepared while she was on the examination table. Everything seemed fine, but she was wanting to get admitted for some reason, Dr. Melinda asked her to get admitted and asked me to record her medical history and counsel her if there were any issues. 

    She had been admitted, her blood samples were taken for certain tests and when I went to visit her in her ward after the OP posting, she was weeping continuously. There was some worry that was etched up on her face and was indicating something serious. I was not sure what her problem was and decided to go further and interview her. It was very important to make her feel comfortable, so that she could speak her heart out. So I closed the room and asked the nurse to stand by the room as I interviewed her.
    The nurse soon returned back with the reports, and indeed there was something to worry for this lady in her early 20's with a social status of being unmarried showed high HCG levels that indicated her pregnancy, also shockingly she was HIV positive. I saw the results, yet acted normal.. I wanted her to get the word out from her mouth to understand what the matter was. Soon she narrated " I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for the last 2 years, he stays as a paying guest near my place, where I happened to meet him and things soon became serious with time. A month back we decided to get away from home and planned to go camping alone. It was fun and things became intricate and since we were under the influence of alcohol, things just went out of control. He got me an emergency contraceptive pill and I popped it. He hasn't been the same since we returned, in fact he has changed his address and his mobile number. Its been a month and I haven't had my menstruation which caused a worry, and yesterday night mom told me that an alliance who had come to see me the last time have liked me and have fixed a marriage date. I didn't have any guts to tell my parents about this, nor did I have any other option than to escape to my friend's place and pop in a whole strip of sleeping pills to end my life. My friend brought me here and has left me alone now." 

Suddenly she started shouting loudly "I want an abortion, I want to get rid of this... Im worried what will happen if my husband find's out Im not a virgin... Im scared to tell my parents. Ive spoilt my image. Im ready to pay any amount, please get the abortion done" She caught my coat and was crying. I called upon the duty nurse to come in and make her lie down.

    It was a serious and an unusual situation for a junior resident like me not knowing how to act further. I referred the case to a senior Obstetrician for her expert opinion and management till Dr. Melinda took over...

I know it might be easy to say "Say No to Pre Martial Sex" but love is one such emotion that takes you high above all restrictions. Sometimes its mere peer pressure or some feel it as a pleasure,when they are actually getting hurt.  For a lady her body has to adapt in a whole lot of ways to prepare itself for pregnancy. When many of them realize that they are pregnant, they prefer an abortion, which is equivalent to killing a life that's to be born from a lady, a mother - who is given the highest respect in the society. I don't say men are saints, but its a female who undergoes the brunt of a sexual activity. I have unmarried people who ask me about using preventive measures like condoms and oral contraceptive pills, but preferably abstinence would be a better option than taking a risk and depending on preventive measures. Abstinence also stops addiction to an extent as well. Still I insity to say no till you become a groom or a bride, than seeing your parents embarrassed and ashamed when you lose their pride. Sometimes pre martial sex makes the partner feel the guilt of not being loyal to a caring partner, that might affect their married relationship in future.
I don't wanna blame satan or western culture, when its poor sex education in this country. Sex education should be made mandatory and every teen has to understand his/her responsibility. Above also its also important to respect one's body and prefer to involve in acts that are friendly to one's body and cause no harm. Also, I personally feel there is a soul-mate made for you, who deserves your pure and divine soul, there is a life partner who would care for your desires and need and would be ready to take every responsibility that would make you lead a happy and a prosperous life.

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P.S - The story written above is fictional, and doesn't resemble to any person weather living or dead, nor does it reflect anything to the lady in the picture above, any such resemblance is purely non intentional

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