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It was my first meeting with my bollywood crush,
My bike was racing with peaks of adrenaline rush
From nowhere was there a whooshing sound,
and before I realized what was around,
I was hit by a schoolbus,
and left to cry graceless.

with a broken arm and swollen jaw,
I was leaping like a cat with a numb paw.
Reaching hospital was a herculean mission,
But, that wasn't the end of my painful petition,
Instead of adding braces to my jaw,
they planned for a vasectomy with a handsaw.

I ate fruits and vegetable mash,
and hollered to sue them for loads of cash.
Everyone was laughing out their ass,
like someone accidentally knocked on laughing gas
The surgeon promised to change me to an epicene
as he injected me with a dose of morphine.

I couldn't bear their acts of being inhumane
like they were going to kill me with this agonizing pain,
So I tried jumping out from the window pane,
which was totally insane,
Little did they tell me I was four stories high,
I must tell you humans don't fly

- Sulaiman Sait.

Before I conclude this blogpost, let me tell you this was my 100th blogpost and 80th poem...
thank you all for your wonderful support...


  1. I had a good laugh reading this :D Quite comical.
    Congrats on writing your 100th post!! :D
    Most of them are my favorite ^_^
    BTW, you didn't mention your crush's name ;)
    Keep writing best wishes.

    1. @Simran : :-) :-)
      Thanks for your wishes

      abt my bollywood crust -Its Dia Mirza, for her wonderful nature and charm

  2. Interesting poem and congrats on 100th post

  3. Congrats on the 100th post....
    Loved it...

  4. Had a good laugh reading your blog post bro! Congrats on your 100th post. Many more to come!!!!!!!!!

    Someone is Special

    1. Glad to know u had a good laugh... and Thank you @Someone is Special for your wishes....


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