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Magic of vacation, when you are out with Children

"Welcome Mr.Rohan Singhania, Its good to have a business tycoon like you visit our resort in GOA for a vacation" The manager of Panjim based Fern resort said as he asked the stewards and bell boys to shift the luggage to the room. Ramu Kaka, who came along with Rohan and his kids accompanied them to the room...

Rohan Singhania, has been a well known businessman at a very young age and has been successful in almost every investment he has made. He ususally resides in Mumbai, near Worli with his two kids Ananya and Aakash after his wife lost her battle to cancer only a few months back. He wanted a break from the media and his office work as well, so he decided to leave on a car trip to Goa, and that's when he reached this Fern Resort.

He had kept his phone in flight mode all through the driveway, but once he checked into his room, he had to switch it on. The moment he switched it on a whole lot of notifications and missed call alerts started looming on his screen, which got him occupied for a while.

Ananya and Aakash were busy looking at the beach, as the waves kissed the sea shore just when the sun was halfway above the horizon.
In an innocent tone Ananya asked her Dad "Papa, chalo na, lets go play in the sand"
Aakash "Papa, chalo na, lets build a mud castle"

Rohan didn't initally give his ear to his kids and when the kids started squealing "Papa, papa, pls come na" he asked Ramu kaka to accompany the kids and to stay along with the kids.

The kids were out there, but they couldn't enjoy to the max, they were missing their dad, and it was mid day within no time and exhausted kids made their way back to the room, while Ramu kaka was staring at some bikini ladies at the beach.

Rohan was still busy with his phone and this time added to it, his laptop as well. The kids came back tired and fell asleep. The whole day the kids didn't speak to Rohan and Rohan wasn't feeling good about it.

The next morning, the kids where on their own and Rohan wasn't feeling good about it. He switched off his phone and handed it over to Ramu Kaka, and asked him to stay back at the room as he took his kids out. The kids were initially not interested as they were guessing their dad to be busy. But there was something else planned for them.

A flying drone came down with toys to build a sand castle, the kids looked with joy in their fathers eyes. Ananya and Aakash enjoyed an hour building sand castle, Rohan joined them in bringing water and helping shape the castle. They soon got to mingle along with other kids and were having a good time out. Rohan decided to join along with them. After the sand castle, they headed to the water. Rohan was glad seeing his children splash water and play with each other. Ananya was collecting shells, while Aakash was throwing them away, they were in a world of their own. He really wished his loving wife was here to witness this, her memories gave him goosebumps and he felt the need to bring an even stronger bond with his children.

It was mid day and they moved back for lunch, Rohan was telling Ramu Kaka "These kids have changed me, money is not everything, they are my everything, my future. A few hours spent with them made me recollect my days as a kid, I enjoyed seeing their innocence and even more made me realize my role after the loss of Sunanda"

It was evening and Rohan had a surprise packed for his kids - He took his children to a cruise. It was totally dark in there. And once they all were in, the lights came on and there were friends of Ananya and Aakash there. It was Sunanda's 30th birthday had she been alive. The evening went well and the kids enjoyed.

At the end of the day Rohan was a happy man. His kids made him have a better and a happy time. He extended his vacation for a week and saw to that his kids enjoyed the most. He was totally satisfied and happier than before when he left the resort. There was some magic in this vacation, that he'll never forget for ever.

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