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     There has been a whole lot of advancement in mobile technology and we have now come to a stage where the world has shrinked to the size of our palm. Everything you wish to know or want to do can be done with the power of a smart phone in your hand. With advancements in smart phone functions, and a wide range of availability is has now become easy for every one to own a smart phone based on their needs and specifications.

    Over a period of time only a few smart phone manufacturers have managed to make a name and Motorola has been a leading pioneer in smart phone with its moto series and their recent phone - the new Moto E (2nd gen) is a good choice for those who dream big without having a hole in their pocket. For me this smart phone would be a new path towards doing a whole lot of things and I would #ChooseToStart the following 5 things with my Moto E, that I'll manage easily and tension free.

1. I #ChooseToStart a mobile app for my blog

Pic credits : Sulaiman sait and Motorola
     Its been my long time wish to have a mobile app for my blog and using developer tools and stuff on the new Moto E (2nd generation) that runs the latest android version I would wanna experiment on all the available app developer codes. I hope the qHD screen and a 1.2 GHz quad core processor that would help me easily work on my codes and testing.

2. I #ChooseToStart a private communication network for the Police

     We all know crime rates have been high. with Moto E I have a solution to this tension as well. The police can all have a hand held Moto E (2nd gen) with its GPS enabled feature and high speed connectivity via both Sim cards which can help them track and follow run away thieves. A bigger capacity battery would always support this and with some new self designed add on features to connect to other police patrol vehicles and see their position on the map would help the control team take strategics  decisions to track and nab the criminals.

Pic Credits : Moto E on flipkart
3. I #ChooseToStart a new style statement.

     The new Moto E, comes with new Moto bands which can be changed according to situations and based upon how you wanna express your mood. These moto bands will add to my personality in different ways and would help me create my own style statement.

4. I #ChooseToStart a new phone diary for myself
     Gone are those days when people used to sit at night and share their daily events with a diary or set up appointments that they would note in their diary. With the new Moto E, which has a 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM, I can easily use it as a personal diary and work on all my appointments.

5. I #ChooseToStart a new Social life.

   For any blogger his social presence is the main statement. It isn't easy for other phone users to use multiple social apps at a time. Its advanced Processor, RAM and ROM features will definitely give an added benefit to multi task and smoothly switch between apps to stay socially active..

You too can think different when you have the new Moto E (2nd Generation) in your hand. I'm sure it would make you wanna #ChooseToStart something new that'll make you outstanding amongst all.

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