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    We live in a generation where the nation as a whole is developing. Every district, every city has their own approach and pace towards development; But, when it comes to speaking about one city I love the most, it is namma Singara Chennai.

I take the pride in saying that the city where I was born, and where I currently reside - Chennai, is the only Indian city which made it to the BBC's list of top 5 cities to live, and one of National Geographic's top 10 food cities. This city definitely has everything for a common man to satisfy his needs. From top IT parks, to several small scale industries, from top rates school to top rated universities, in every aspect of discussing a city, this is a city which is made of great and definitely has every reason to be one of the top most cities to live in. In this blog post, to elaborate more on my favorite city (Namma Chennai), I'll be briefing about about this with respect to three key features:

1. Drive
There is some madness about this city which drives people wanting to come to Chennai. Be it one of the safest metropolitan city for women, or call it a city which has a perfect blend of all cultures in uniform tandem, there are many such reasons why people get attracted to Chennai. Chennai is also one of the major sporting destinations in this county for sports such Football, Squash, Volleyball, table tennis, Cricket and the home to Indian's only ATP event - Chennai Open. Known to produce many great indivuduals, this city has many indivuduals such as Rajinikanth, Vishwanathan Anand, Dipika Pallikal to name few who have become the heart throb of this nation.

2. Design
Chennai is one of those cities which is expanding at a greater rate. The city might be swelling,  yet the planning and design is so perfect that it can accommodate such masses of population. The planning and infrastructure of this city has a lot to be spoken about. This is the city which once showed how urban planning is to be done. House to some of the olden Britain structures, the world's second largest beach and some of the largest Malls, government offices in India, Chennai has every inch of its design done in such a perfect way to make anyone visiting this city go awe.

3. Connect

With world class Harbor, Railways, Roadways and Airways, Chennai is one of those natural cities to give you connectivity to any part of the world. With the new metro rail project coming into action, the connectivity is expected to become even better and transportation of people would become hassle free.
There is another connectivity I'd wanna highlight when it comes to Chennai, its not just the structural connectivity or digital connectivity, but the mutual connectivity among people. People of Chennai are always there for each other, be it in the time of happiness or during disasters. During the unfortunate recent floods, the city saw a good connectivity between people who ignored any form of differences between them, but helped the city to recover from such a catastrophic disaster.

Thus, seeing all these things around me on a daily basis, I must admit that "I Love Chennai" and "I'm proud to be a Chennaitie " for this city is MADE OF GREAT

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  1. I am glad to see that Chennia has so much to it...I am just afraid of its weather though!


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