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This post has been published as a part of  the The Chennai Bloggers Club (CBC) Tablog II, where we chennai bloggers decide upon a topic and write in succession through out this whole month. This month we have decided to write upon "One aspect I would like to change in Chennai". The baton to write this passed to me by my blogger friend Ram Thilak an ambitious young writer, who blogs everything from poems, philosophy, art, science etc, and maintains a very beautiful blog. Well, here is my blog post for this tablog

Chennai is a face paced city, expanding at at tremendous rate. Most of the chennaiites (like me) have now adapted to this fast paced life... We have some really good main roads and express highways, that help us connect many parts of the city.  Chennai city is also a pioneer for almost everything, be it IT,  engineering, Medicine or research.  And for the same reason we see many move into the city. . .

     With many people coming into the city, the population of the city starts swelling, and one major aspect with this is increased road traffic. But, my blog post is not about the traffic and how we can control it. It about how we find a way to provide driveway access to an ambulance during such traffic jams.

     Being in a health care professional team, and serving at a hospital I have seen plenty of cases that come via ambulance ( a lot when I did my research project at the casualty department) ,  some are brought on time, while many are brought late. I don't blame the traffic for this. .. but we lack basic road traffic senses and do not have an ambulance driveway.
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     Recently, you all should have read how a live heart transplant happened when a heart was shifted to a designation 13 Kms apart from a donor to recipient. The Ambulance was given a green signal to speed and reach its destination early.  Based on this same principle, I would like to propose a need for a separate driveway for on the right side which is for ambulances only. When we can do it once, we can do it everytime, every life is precious isn't it ?

    How so ever the traffic might be, there should be enough place for the ambulance to go.  Also people need to change, stop being a little selfish and move aside to provide a free way for the ambulance when so ever needed....

     Just imagine your condition, if you or your loved one was inside that ambulance..?

  As they say change starts with one, It starts with me, I follow it, I wish you follow it,  seeing you a mass will follow it and then a city,  then a state and a whole nation. ...

For the Tablog to continue, I would like to pass the baton to my friend Rajesh, who blogs @ he blogs everything from his travelogue to books, reviews, short stories and poem. I really like the way he has titled his blog.

- Sulaiman Sait


  1. Good idea. I see many ambulances going on the roads these days and hence it makes sense to have a separate lane for them. I would suggest that the lane be used by cycles and electric bikes during normal times. When the ambulance comes, it's easy for the bikes to move to the main road and make way for them. So, separate lane solves two purposes - ambulance, bikes/electric bikes.

    Destination Infinity

  2. Good and noble thought. I have seen people giving way to ambulances in Chennai, but still there's a lot where we need to change and improve in this aspect.


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