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    To begin, this is my first e-book that I happened to buy online via and I had a great experience reading this e-book on my tab.

    Before starting with the review, let me tell you, this book is not written completely by Sidney Sheldon, but its author Tilly Bagshawe, who built up this book on some unpublished work from the master story teller - Sidney Sheldon.

STORY PLOT  : The story starts dating back to some 40 years, where there is a death of a rich kid in an US summer camp, following which a guy name Billy is tried in a court and sentenced, even though he was not guilty for the incidence, but took up the blame for Toni (whom he loved). The story then fast forwards to the present describing a very powerful lady, Alexia De Vere (who changed her name from Toni), British Home Secretary, who faces a lot of personal challenges inspite a happy marriage and having two children ( Son- Michael, Daughter-Roxanne, who is crippled after an accident that costed her mobility). Alexia shares all her secrets with her sister like friend Lucy Meyer, in whom she trusts blindly. Lucy has a daughter Summer Meyer, and she falls in love for Michael
As the story progress, Alexia De Vere grows in her political powers and is soon haunted by an incident from the past which creates some angst as her near and loved ones are killed one by one, leading her family into danger. Now she has to manage to keep those past secrets quite as that one person from the past haunts her. How Alexia manages herself, is what the rest of the story describes, which you gotta read for yourself to find out...... (as revealing this would take the trill away from this awesome read)

Firstly, I gotta admit Tilly Bagshawe has done justice to the Sidney Sheldon collection, by adding some master twists and twirls to this story. What I liked about this book was that all the characters fell in place perfectly with the mystery and the story was moving at a good pace. The only negative thing I didnt like about this was that it just ended a little abruptly leaving a few loopholes.


--> Sulaiman Sait

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  1. 4.5 ? Wow. Will read this next! :)

    Btw, Hi !! :)

    1. Hello, Its a pleasure to know you....
      and thanks for following my blog......
      Indeed you must give it a read......


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