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    A week before, I happened to get my hands on this book as a part of Book review program from blogadda. It did take a week for me to start the book cause of my busy schedule; but trust me, from the moment I started this book, till the end it was a great read.
This book is written by Ashwin Sanghi, also called India's Dan Brown, along with the master of suspense thriller James Patterson.

STORY PLOT --> The story revolves around Mumbai city, where a spree of murders are happening with some thing common between them. It begins with the death of a cosmetic surgeon Dr Kanya Jaiyen from Thailand, who is in Mumbai for some personal reasons, following which there is a death of a reporter, Bhavana Choksi, from a leading news paper, then a famous Bollywood singer Priyanka Talati, then a school principle Elina Xavier, a movie director/actor -Lara Omprakash, a state MLA Ragini Sharma, Chief Justice Anjana Lal, and a yoga tutor Devika Gulati.
This case is refereed to Private India, a world class investigation agency, under the in charge of Santosh Wagh and his team of experts, including his assistant Nisha Gandhe, tech geek Hari Padhi and Dr Mubeen, the forensic expert.  There is something in common which connects these murders, the murderer strangles his victims to death, leaves a scarf wrapped around the neck and a prop for the investigators to ponder upon. The investigation reaches to a point where the team unlocks the relation between each murder and realizes one of their team member Nisha, is in danger of being a victim to the murderer. Will they be able to solve the mystery, will they be able to save the Nisha's life, if so at what consequences... Do read this interesting book to find out how the mystery unlocks and who the actual murderer is....

My Review --> I did take a couple of days to complete this book, it seems more of a weekend read with over 400 pages of thrill to complete.What I liked about the book was the fact that the characters all fell in place for the plot and the story was going at a good pace. The writer keeps you guessing who the murderer is and it turns out to be wholesome masala to connect the characters and the murder mystery.

My Rating --> 4/5
Why 4 ? This is not the typical James Patterson or Ashwin Sanghi that I have read from the past, also I felt there are a few loopholes in the plot... None the less I had a great time reading this.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to read such a thrilling book that kept me at the edge of the seat to find out the mystery.

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