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     Saturday 30/8/14, noon.. returning back from my usual hospital postings, I decided go check out this new Univercell SYNC showroom, after a fortnight before invite from Indiblogger. With frequent long distance travel having taken a toll on me, I managed to give it a push to reach there on time, what happened next...?
Well, I'd love to tell you this in my usual poetry style....

With miles to cover,
batting against midday slumber.
I made it to the bloggers meet,
Amidst the mid day heat
I set foot into the showroom
and my inner techie spirits started to bloom,
welcomed by the host,
a techie genius, almost
me and my co-bloggers, sauntered across all sections,
in search of our indivudual selections.

Charmingly, to my awe,
it was organized to the specifications of one's claw.
Mobiles with Cameras, music, games or only text,
accessories complementing to current trends or gen next.
with professional assistance, and hands on experience,
saves time reaching an inference.
They help SYNC your new gadget with your needs,
a zestful adventure, that easily accedes.
I finally made a move, with an unique techsperience,
and memories, that turned into an unforgettable experience.

--> Sulaiman Sait

The best part of my techsperience was when I got to use and compare those gadgets, and learnt how to satisfy a basic checklist before selecting a product based on my needs and budget. I also happened to meet some fellow bloggers, and got to know them better. So,finally...., before I end this post I would like to share some snaps I enjoyed clicking at the showroom....

work and play, dream it, create it, deliver it

Your one stop shop to music accessories, play it, live it, own it

Capture it, share it, enjoy it 
kids arena and bazar area, with accessories at the back

You can visit the Univercell SYNC showrom in Chennai, for your own Techsperience using the Geo tag below


  1. u really know how to advertise ! :P Good one! :) I'll def make a visit soon!!

    1. @Sunil --> haha :-) Thanks mare..
      do make a visit :-)

  2. nyc blogpst!
    I luv hw u naturally rhymes ur poetry.!
    aftr readin dis Im excited to visit dis plc at least fr once...Lemme c wen im in ind nxt:)

    1. @Nikita --> Thank you :-)
      Sure, do make a visit when possible...

  3. Wow sounds like a good experience! I missed it :(

    Someone is Special

    1. @SIS --> Indeed it was a good experience....
      Its ok if you have missed it...
      you can still visit the store and have ur techsperience....

  4. luks like u had a wonderful time..
    its nice to read ur experience in poetic form!

    1. @Anonymous --> Indeed I did have a wonderful time.... Glad you enjoyed reading my blogpost....

  5. u brought out the feel of whole meet in a small poetry!.. nice job.:)
    Missed it though :(

    1. @Anjali Sha :) Thank you....:-) HOpe to see you someother time in some other bloggers meet...


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