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A Techie's Valentine

     Its really difficult to find a techie guy to sit simply without challenging his love for the gadgets that he carries around him... For quite some time now I've had my eyes on Asus Zen Phone series and wanted to have an hands on experience on it.

     I've been speaking to my lady love on  my obsession for gadgets and she seemed to take it lightly as she was more interested on our first day on the 14th of February marking 3 months since she accepted my love for her. I let her chose the restaurant of her choice and she chose a 5 star restaurant with unlimited buffet at 3,000 per head. She asked me to be there by sharp 7pm and wanted me to dress casuals for a change as she was bugged up seeing me in my formals.

    I got my rose bouquet and entered the Hotel just to find a small gadget store at the ground floor. I called my lady love, my chammak challo to know her status. She was stuck up at the traffic and would take her an hour to reach here. I quickly strolled into the gadget store to get my hands on experience at some of the recent gadgets in hand so that I could at least write a couple of review for my blog.

    The first thing that caught my sight was Asus Zenfone. I could see Asus Zenfone 4 , Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 6 stacked in order and a small crowd around it. I decided to go there first and see what it could be. Though there were display pieces kept in a case and not to be touched by public, I happened to introduce myself as a techie blogger and got a chance to get my hands on experience on it.
Source: Flipkart           
   From the moment I got my hands on it, and I went through every single phone of  Asus Zenfone series (4, 5 and 6).
The moment I grabbed it, the simplicity in its look and feel was like I was holding a device from another planet. Though the phones had different size, they did feel a lot comfortable in my hands wanting to not let me keep it down. Also with added bumpers and covers one could easily make these phones look trendy.
The magnificently  bright display was able to pixalate colors vibrantly on its capacitive screen, the higher end phones (5 and 6 ) came with Corning Gorilla glass making it quite unbreakable and scratch resistant.
Once I unlocked the phone and started experiencing the user interface and the apps, I was into the different planet this phone had come from. Such lightning was its Intel Inside processor and quick response that made me open apps in a jiffy. With the latest android version and promise to be updated to the more upcoming versions of android its definitely an added addition to this series
I wanted to check the connectivity, though knowing the fact that most dual sim phones fail to give good internet speeds. I was able to connect to high speed internet and could streemlessly load a HD video.
A high quality 5 element optical formula lens is something different I have never seen in any other phone of this range, with a larger aperture, it allows more light to enter into the camera making it good to take photos in the dark.
I was with the phones for a more than an hour that I forgot to realize my date was waiting at the rooftop garden. I had only some 7,000 as cash in hand and immediately got myself a lower end Zenfone  as I made my way to the top. She was nowhere to be seen. I took my phone and sat along with for a couple of hours and had pastries within my budget to celebrate my buy.

It did take my quite sometime to come out of the hypnosis this phone had me into, that it took quite some time to actually convince my lady love about what happened till I got her a phone too.

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