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LOVE HAPPENS.... Come what may - BOOK REVIEW

  I'm on a reading spree and this time again I get a chance to review a debut author - Sagar Kataria, who's come up with his first book Love Happens... come what may...

To begin the review, this 208 pages filled romantic book comes with a simple yet elegant cover that gives an impression of a couple moving over a sand of time. This book is published by Mahaveer Publishers and is available in stores at a reasonable price of 150 rupees.


The book revolves around the life of Joyvir an engineering graduate and his first love Sunaina starting back from their engineering days. For their project reasons Joyvir and Sunaina are sent to Delhi and there they admit love just to be separated soon when Sunaina doesn't return after her journey back home.
     Joyvir finds it difficult to move on as he remembers her every day,but with time he starts working in a firm and just when he takes a break from his work, he introduced to Pallavi, a childhood friend whom his family want his to be married to.
Soon those memories of his past leaves and imprint on his present as he goes through a roller coaster ride of event that he sees in his life.
Will Joyvir's tryst with his present make him explore new avenues ? How will Joyvir react to them ? What will happen when he meets his first love Sunaina ? and what about Pallavi ? Should he move ahead with life amidst these emotional bouts ? To find out read - Love Happens.... Come what may...


     This is a good piece of work from a debut author who's come up with a good plot that manages to keep the readers glued till the end. The narrations have been good, with some wonderful bits of poetry to gel in between. The characters are limited and well defined. The chemistry between Joyvir and Sunaina are the highlight of this book.Though it becomes a little predictive, but nonetheless towards the end, it leaves you with an emotional touch as it edges towards finding the real meaning of love, sacrifice and devotion of one's self towards their partner. Also,there is quite a message for today's youth as well when they experience fallouts in their relationships and have to move on and accept what comes their way which is a silent highlight from this book.


Why 3 ? . Just when the flow of the story was going good, the story seemed to have ended abruptly. Also there are quite some instances where the plot seems to have gone dry and starts stretching but gathers pace towards the end to make it a good read


A must read for those who prefer romantic genre, for there is something refreshing about this.

You can grab your copy of LOVE HAPPENS... Come what may below.

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  1. A beautiful love story laced with romantic poems


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