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From the author of 'I am Heartless' - Vinit. K. Bansal, here is yet another piece of romantic literature, a story that revolves around to find the true meaning of love. SOULMATES: LOVE WITHOUT OWNERSHIP.

To begin the review, this 244 page thriller comes with a very attractive cover of a couple, published by Red Ink publishers available at a reasonable price of 175 rupees.


    The story begins with a prologue, where a journalist interviews a prisoner in jail - Neel and is keen to know his story. Once the plot progresses it revolves around the life of Neel, a middle class boy from town who visits the city for his under graduation. The moment he enters college, he saves the life of Ranadeep, a very popular figure and the only son of a top politician. His life changes after that as Ranadeep and him become good friends. He soon meets the love of his life- Aditi, who's a town girl as well and a soon flowes of romance bloom between them. Then comes Ria, the prettiest girl in the college, and Ranadeep loses his mind and decides to propose Ria just to be slapped by her in front of everyone. Neel decides to help Randeep and befriends Ria, and soon Ria falls for Neel despite him confessing his love for Aditi. When Aditi is out of town, Ria is found dead leaving behind a suicide note mentioning "Neel had cheated upon him". Neel is put behind bars, will he be able to convince his innocence to Aditi and Randeep, Will Randeep be able to forgive Neel for taking away his obsession - Ria ? Find out what happens when love is asked to pay a price...

    The plot is well planned and equally well penned down that keeps the reader glued till the end cause of a good narration. The characters are limited and are well defined. The chemistry between Neel and Aditi are the highlight of this book. At one point I personally felt this was more of a love rectangle- Ria was in love with Neel, Neel was in love in Aditi, Aditi forced to marry Ranadeep and Ranadeep's love was Ria. Towards the end, it becomes a little predictive, but nonetheless leaves you with a moist eye as it edges towards finding the real meaning of love, sacrifice and devotion of one's self towards their partner.

MY RATING : 3.5/5

Why 3.5 ? . Just when the flow of the story was going good, the story seemed to have ended abruptly and the chemistry between Neel and Aditi seemed to be a little filmy...


     A must read for those who prefer romantic genre, for there is something refreshing about this.

Before I conclude on this post, I would like to tag my friend Saravana Kumar Murugan for the book.

You can grab your copy of Soulmates below.

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  1. Love rotation I'd say.
    Looking forward to read it. A very well written review.


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