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Chat Quikr, Buy Quikr

    Its not always possible to get something that you want at the best price available, or sometimes get the best price for something that you wanna sell when you constantly look at the classifieds. Sometimes it takes a whole lot of time to actually buy or sell what one wants.But, with time , we now have advancements, which gives us a comfort to have a proper conversation with the seller/buyer. Quikr Nxt is one such app available over all mobile platforms and desktop versions, where one can upload the pic of what they wanna sell and the buyer can directly contact to make a deal with if he/she is really interested in it and thus makes buying or selling easy.

      Sometimes when we upload an advertisement/ wanna buy something on Quikr it so happens that one is busy in a meeting or pre occupied with some thing else that we end up being unable to attend calls/ make calls, be it either from the seller or a buyer who is interested in a product we desperately wanna buy/sell. But with its Nxt gen update to its popular mobile app on Quikr one can chat conveniently with its buyer or seller.
The other day, I wanted to buy a second hand Car for my daily usage to shuttle between my residence and hospital in order to replace my 5 years old Chevrolet spark. I decided to have a look online to find out the list of second hand car dealers. I found out a few sellers/ car dealers and when I called them and spoke to them..

Seller 1 - Car is already booked :(

Seller 2 - Car is sold for mortuary van purpose :( (wrong details)

Seller 3 - Car available, but no proper documents for the vehicle

Seller 4- New car, used less than 10,000 Kms but Maharashtra registration
Seller 5- finally found the right car and the right dealer in my city

How I really wished to save my time, It took me 5 hours of continuous trying to find people who actually picked up my calls and responded to it. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to find the right seller as well.. There was a solution to this. I downloaded the Quikr next app and amidst my free time I happened to converse with the car sellers.

The chat option in Quikr next app is one such added benefit that makes it easy to converse with a buyer/ seller. In my case I sent a broadcast messages to multiple sellers and with time I had a regular conversation with them. It is quite easy to converse with multiple sellers and to maintain a history of chat conversation.
     With my budged I happened to get a Honda Jazz, which pretty much suited the style and class I was looking for.

Though I was sentimental about not wanting to sell my Spark (car), after a good experience on Quikr I did manage to sell it within a week and got a pretty decent price for my car.
Quikr Nxt app is indeed a revolution in the classifieds market and takes the experience to a new level.

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