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Bedtime Rituals

     Its not very easy to raise children up especially when they are young. Most of the mothers are usually awake the whole of the night when their children are unable to sleep. Some mothers have a series of bed time rituals which they have been following from generations to make their children sleep with ease. In this blog post I'll be sharing a few bed time rituals my mom advises that can be followed to let your children have a night of comfortable sleep. Most of these rituals are fun and within not time the baby is into a night of peaceful sleep.
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1. Rock a bye baby:
      Do you remember that nursery rhyme ?
"Rock a bye baby, on a tree top,
When the wind blows the cradle will rock"

Rocking your baby to sleep is one of the easiest ways to put your baby to sleep. Either by holding the baby either close to the chest or having the baby laid on a cradle wrapped in warm clothes and rocking them makes them fall asleep soon. For a baby less than a year it's always good to have them close to the chest while rocking them to sleep.

2. Soothe the baby :
     Every mother has a different way to soothe their baby, some play with their children, while some make them walk holding their hands, some hum a rhyme, while some read a story. Soothing the baby makes the baby relax after some time of fun and they go into sleep soon. Sometimes giving the baby a hot water bath can also make them feel comfortable before they sleep.

3. Feed the baby :
     If you find the baby crying and unable to sleep, he/she might definitely be hungry. Its important for the mothers to understand this and feed the baby. For children less than 9 months mother's milk is the preferred choice while for children aged 1 year and above, milk or light diet is advised. Sometimes a baby could go fussy even after being fed, in such conditions its important to either give them gripe water or just water

4. Massage the baby:
     Sometimes a proper oil massage can make the baby comfortable before sleep. Baby Massage also has a whole lot of other benefits. Nonetheless making the baby relax and have a night of peaceful sleep

5. Change the baby diaper.
     Most of the families still use cloth nappies instead of diapers for their children and these children wake up in the middle of the sleep cause of the uneasiness caused by the wet nappies. Also these nappies increse the risk of developing rashes and infections if not taken care by the mother. It advisable that the mother uses proper diapers so that the baby can sleep care free so can the mother.

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