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A Bad dream....

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source: Chennai express (movie)
After a winter's gestation in its egg shell of ice,
Our Valley welcomed the season of rice.
Opening my eyes to the unpolarized morning light,
Braving the reflections around so bright.
I woke up to the news of my marriage being fix,
On March the six.
I rushed out, without washing my face
Nor tying my shoe lace.
I was on my way to meet my fiance'
Who was a little less beautiful than Beyonce'

She was fancy, What to say..?
I was allowed to meet her in person ,
All I decided was to praise her and mention.
My body was freezing like ice,
I started praising her from her eyes.
Since I was not in my regular form,
Asked her to select an eye to start from.
She replied - both eyes are the same,
You feel so , not me , oh you insane.
She was beautiful, though she had squints,
She was heavy and to be measured in pints.
With an eye on her wealth, I was ready to marry,
unlike how Sally met Harry.

Evening I had a glimpse of our marriage card,
Printed on paper hard.
A couple of days later was the function,
My life's major junction.
The time and date were set,
Hall was decorated like a Bollywood set.
Within no time, our marriage was over,
Life was gonna turn bitter.
My darling had to split from her mother,
Her absence of tears meant she didn't bother.

Now, she was in car with me,
Excited how our first night was gonna be?
Suddenly she pulls out a knife,
Says I'm not your wife !!
Within seconds I jumped out of the car,
And, ran away far.
Unexpectedly I, tripped over a plank
Everything went blank
It all ended with a loud scream
To wake me up from my Bad Dream ....!!
With a lot pain I woke up to see,
Just mosquitoes around to flee.
My day was on hold,
My body was cold.
I looked up to the sky,
And thanked the Almighty, for not making me cry...

I've been writing poems since long, and this time I decided to attempt a spoken word poem, as a result of which I have written the above post, which I'll be performing shortly...

- Sulaiman Sait
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  1. Ah! Good, it was just a dream. Otherwise, what would have happened to him! I am looking forward to hear the same. Good luck to you! All the best!

    Someone is Special

    1. @SIS : Haha yeah... Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment....
      Thanks for your wishes as well...

  2. Thank goodness it was a dream! Rather, a nightmare :)

    1. @Anita ji : haha yeah... but, luckily this dream hasn't turn into a nightmare yet :P

  3. Oh well, at least he escaped from the dream in one piece :D Maybe wealth wasn't a good thing to judge by after all ;)

  4. This is simply too good. I so much enjoyed reading. I was so afraid to read about stabbing! :O And I felt the relief of it being a bad dream! Goodness! :D :P All the best! :)

    1. Thank you @Namrata ji, Glad you enjoyed reading it...
      Thanks for your wishes as well and wish you the same for BAT 51

  5. Just couldn't stop laughing....well written.

    1. @Aura of Thoughts MeenalSonal : Glad you spent a laugh reading this post....
      ATB for BAT...

  6. Replies
    1. @The fact fiction : Thank you...and I'm glad you loved it...
      ATB for BAT

  7. I dream which you definitely not pray to be true , beautifully expressed

    My Blogaton Entry It Was Just A Dream

    1. Thank you @Cifar Shayar ji...
      Also thanks for sharing you blogaton link- it was a wonderful read as well...

  8. Squint..A knife...
    i loved it...
    All the best for BATOM

    1. @Megha - Glad you loved it....
      All the best to you as well...


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