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    After a short break from my usual blogging spree I'm back and this time its a book review of "The best seller she wrote" by Ravi Subramanian. The banker cum author needs no special introduction; for his work speaks for him self. Known as one of the best selling authors in India I have had a chance to read some of his previous books which include "If God was a Banker", "The Bankster", his last book - "God is a gamer"


The best seller she wrote by Ravi Subramanian is a 391 pages books of drama/fiction genre, published by Westland books and it sports a very simple cover design.
The book is priced at 295 rupees and is available at leading e-commerce stores such as Flipkart and amazon (book banners included at the bottom of the page to purchase a copy of this book).

The book also has a line mentioned at the bottom "Soon to be a motion picture" which I guess would interest the movie buffs


The story line revolves around the life of a successful author Aditya Kapoor (the protagonist), who has perfect life going with a right balance between his banking career, his family (wife Maya and Son Aryan) and stature as an author. One fine day he gets to return back to this graduating university to deliver a talk and there he is challenged by a young girl (Shreya) who has a desire to become a best selling author. He does manage to answer her but is left aback with her questions. He finds a chance to meet her at one of his reading sessions and following which he does have a long conversation with her. The following day, he along with his HR colleague Sanjay manage to go back to the university on a campus drive and end up recruiting Shreya. With Shreya joining the bank, Aditya gets drawn towards her as he helps achieve her dreams and thats when things come crashing down in his life. What happens next ? What happens when Maya find out about Aditya and Shreya together ? To read more grab a copy of "The Best Seller She wrote"


To begin, let me confess - I was desperately wanting to read this book from the moment I heard this would be his first book on romance and wanting to know a bankers view on this genre. Sadly, it didn't live up well to my expectations. The plot isn't new and there are stories with similar genre where either a master/teacher falls in love with his student or a doctor falls in love with is patient. Nonetheless, The story was good in bits and parts


I personally found only a couple of good things interesting about the book (a) The characters were limited; and (b) The characters were well defined, while most of the other narrative parts were a little let down.

The Not so Good

The end didn't go the way any avid reader would expect it. For me, it did kill the curiosity as I had already predicted how the end must have been half way down the book except for a couple of small twists. The book does seem to go a little off pace and stretching before the book reaches the climax.


To me, the plot revolved around 2 things - aggressive sex scenes and Shreya's selfishness in publishing her script (she is desperate to publish, no matter what happens) which makes me  personally feel that this book falls more into the "masala" category.
The point where Maya is diagnosed with Ebola and the whole thing revolving around that seems so made to fit into the story, but that's what makes it perfect for a Bollywood flick.



Tough this isn't Ravi Subramanian's best work, this book is actually a decent read for someone who wants to spend time on an armchair during a weekend. The plot isn't new, but has enough masala for one to turn through the pages. Lastly, not to mention - this definitely is a one time read.

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