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     Epic Rap Battles of history is one of those YouTube channels which has managed to gain a lot of popularity in recent times. Started by Peter Shukoff (a.k.a Nice Peter) and Llyod Ahlquist (Epic Llyod - for his idea of the YouTube Channel), this series of videos has entered into its fourth season now. The battles usually see some of the famous characters from history or fictional world battle out each other in a rap battle and the audience are let do decide who's won the battle.

With, the characters being a mere look alike of the actual persons, it makes these videos ever so interesting. I personally have spent hours seeing every single video of this series and finally decided to write a blog post about them.

To make this top 10 review interesting I'll be giving my review on each video and tell whom according  to me has won the battle.

Trust me, it wasn't easy choosing who could be the winner cause the battles are way to strong and everyone takes an even number of hits at each other.

P.S - do not complain about profanity or adult content in these videos, they just make the video interesting in terms of the battle. If you have an issue with such language, kindly do not go further down the page.

At, #10. Goku Vs Superman

This super superheroes battles sees two comic stars battle to prove who's the all time best. I feel that Goku has taken an edge over superman, afterall who really likes to see a super hero afraid of green rocks

#9 Mozart vs Skrillex

A battle between two timeless music composers sees two greats from music history battle each other to prove their compositions have been the best. I'd go with Morzat for the way he proves his compositions have transformed the world, while people would defiantly get a headache while returning from a Skrillex concert.

#8 Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney

Two political contingents battle each other to decide who's ruling over the political minds of the viewers. Barack Obama rips Romney apart in this one as the battle ends. I'd personally feel that Abraham Lincoln robs away the title.

#7 Adam vs Eve (Explicit version)

Truth be told, it was difficult to tell who's the winner amidst this sexist battle. Telling that Adam won wouldn't make me more of a male chauvinist or telling that Eve won wouldn't make me support Feminists. But, I would take the stand of Adam for he does manage to make Eve stay quite in the end and he did make her apologize (how often do you get to see this)

#6 Justin Bieber vs Beethoven

This is a battle between someone who was deaf and someone who makes you wish you were deaf. Sadly, I'd have to be on the female's side :(

# 5 Romeo and Juliet vs Bonnie and Clyde.

Romeo and Juliet vs Bonnie and Clyde is a perfect battle between the best romantic couples who'd die for each other. Despite Romeo and Juliet having died first, they surely have won the battle for me ( credits to Juliet's lines)

#4 Albert Einstien vs Stephen Hawking

A physical (I mean astrophysical ) battle between two equals. Woah, as it goes down the list its really difficult to decide who's won. I'd take on Einstiens side for he does have the energy to blast upon Hawking.

#3 Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates

What happens when the biggest technical debates of all time involves the master minds behind it ? This video clearly shows how Steve Jobs's master ideas have ruled the tech world, not to mention he's surely won the battle.

#2 Gandhi vs Martin Luther King Jr.

This is a wonderful civil rights battle between two greats from history. I personally feel that Gandhi has taken the edge over Martin Luther King Jr for the way he finally nails it.

#1 Hitler vs Darth Vader Trilogy

The Adolf Hitler vs Darth Vader Trilogy comprises of videos from 3 seasons and for me this is ranked as one of the best videos in this Epic Rap battle series. Being the toughest one, I guess I'd let you decide who's won this rap battle.

After all these are the best " EEEEEEPPPPPPIIIICCCCCC Rap Battles of historyyyyyyyy......"

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