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    STAR WARS is one of those motion films which has managed to capture the awe of every cinema loving fan. Be it the characters or the battle between Jedi (the peace keepers) and Sith (the Dark side) every scene from the movie has managed to captivate and instill a liking towards this timeless battle of an anarchy which is cinematographed on the screen. As a Star wars fan, I have loved the message which the story portrays about righteousness and honor towards defending one's forces.

To move on to the fun side Inspired by Star Wars, I would love to see one of my digital dream come true this way - like the Star Wars Galaxy. It was a dream where I saw beaming lights and flames and a group of men trying to defend themselves and their empire. I'm sure this can be transformed into a game and bring on the fun side of being a Star Wars.

The game would be more of less like a paint ball game, except for the fact that the players wouldn't be using paint balls or a paint ball suite. The suite would be a digital one, in each team which would be called the Jedi and the Sith which will be battling each other. The digital suites would have light sensors and the weapons would be light sabers (laser beams) in the hand (just like the actual star wars)

My Fun Side game rules..

-> Game will be played on an empty island, during the night with rocks as camouflage

-> Minimum 20 players on each side
19 main players and 1 reserve player to play either Darth Vader or Yoda

-> Everyone in this game will be subjected to randomization (coin toss or chits) to be put either on Jedi side or the Sith side.

-> Players on the the Jedi side get to play either Luke Skywalker (if you are a male) or Princess Leia (if you are a lady) and play against Han Solo and Chewbacca.

-> Every player will have a Light saber (laser sword in hand)

-> Once the Jedi are on the losing side, one player can take up Yoda's role and have special powers. If the Sith are on the losing side, One players can take up the Darth Vader with special powers.

-> A players is said to be out, when the Light saber (laser beams) from opposition hit the digital sensors one the coat of the players and the coat (connected to laser beam) fails to emit light.

-> Boundary lines covered after wiping the opposition territory would help decide the winners.

Im sure this game would help us understand about forces. The same force which is responsible for everything around us, something which binds the galaxy and brings about a balance amongst everything.

Im sure the creator of Star Wars George Lupus wouldn't have imagined the way I would be taking the good vs evil battle between Jedi and the Sith to the field level.

I'm sure his timeless tale of Good vs Evil, or the light vs the dark seen in the Star Wars Movie (The Force Awakens) along with the HP Star Wars Notebook, fully armed and operational would definitely help in identifying our own forces, expressing our inner sith and finding a way towards a beautiful digital future.


  1. A game of your own??!!! Cool!!! :) Best of luck.

  2. This is so cool, a game!
    Wish you best of luck with the contest.

    1. Thank you Alok Singhal Ji for the wishes :-)

  3. This is something I would love to play. Btw, you are going on an island and we can actually practice our hands at it.

    Well thought out post. May you win! :)

    1. Ineed ma'am, we can practice our hands at this. Thank you for your morale boosting comment Ma'am, means a lot when it comes from you :-)

  4. Your imagination has no boundaries!!!!
    Would love to play this game .

    1. Haha, thanks Bro.
      Would be glad to have you in my team as we play this game :-)

  5. Good 1 mate :) If i may, can i play C3PO's part? ;)

    1. Sure Shreyas you can play the game, but won't C-3PO be a little slow ?, nonetheless, can reprogram him, correct his left arm and bring R2D2 as well :P. Lets make this a lot more realistic and keep them on the Jedi Side


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