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     Our daily lifestyles have got us so occupied that we have overlooked the fact that some of our muscles need some stretching as well. Located just outside the city limits of Chennai and a kilometer away from the Crocodile Bank (Center for Herpatology) is the this theme park called WILD TRIBE RANCH, that might be a perfect solution to relax one self with fun and give your muscle fibers some work to do

Started earlier in 2009 at Ponneri this Theme park was quite a hit and now they have moved the the happening South, in the ECR (East Coast Road) with a bigger location and much improved activities. As a part of Chennai Blogger's Club I happened to get an invitation (my ticket) to be at this joyous jamboree along with my fellow bloggers and make most of the chance of going wild.

Devils Ramp
With over a dozen activities, the kid within me was wanting to give it a whirl with almost all the functioning activities that were launched. The first activity shown to us was the Devils Ramp. This is for those who fear heights. Harnessed with a safety jacket and helmet you are let to walk over multiple obstacles at different levels to challenge the fear within.

Up next on the activity list was the Bungee run, when you gotta extort all the energy stored in your reserves to run against a bungee that tries to pull you back everytime you make a forward move. (Must strictly say, this is not for people with Angina :P)

Gyroscope is another fun activity where you are made to sit amidst rotating loops that move you around the gravitational force to balance it out. Its that 'hurl a whorl' moment when you realize you are against the gravitational force. Though this ride gives you quite a few upside down moments, there can be nothing as such when it comes to a roller coaster ride.

The gyroscope

So what guys if Jallikattu is banned, there is this one activity  "Bullie the Bull" which could give you a handling the bull feeling and can make you go dizzy. Though the bull operator was being good to me without giving me all of those jerks, it still made my world spin around the moment I was kicked from the bull. The best part of going wild over this was the fact that I managed to last for 46 seconds on the bull.
Check out my Bullie the bull .gif
Wanna take a chance to fire some bullets in a strategic game to conquer over an opponents possession ? Paint ball in the ultimate game for you then. Paired up with some wonderful team mates (bloggers) we did happen to take on other bloggers in a 7 minute game firing paint balls at the opposite team from hide out. Being the captain, I was a little unlucky to have got out in a very bizzare way, but I was glad to have shot down a couple of opposite team members.
With paint balls being firined at 240 Kmph you'd surely wanna be protected, else paint ball will make you call it a pain ball.


The Mad Riders ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) is for those dare devils who wanna transform their adrenaline tush on the engine torque by accelerating the thrill activity within. I did get on the bike and raced against the muddy sand stones filled path.


Some of the other activites at the Wild Tribe Ranch include a Trampoline jump, an ejection bungee that can trow you in air upto 45 feet. Dodge and jump (the wipeout game), Body zorb (zorb soccer) ,Bungee soccer, Mini Cricket (with weird rules, weirder than the actual game) Sumo Wrestling, a flying fox and lastly a swimming pool to relax yourself and cool down after all the endorphin release you have had over the day.

The best part about the Theme park is the fact that the owners at Wild Tribe Ranch never compensate with anything when it comes to safety and hygiene. One can find enough Do's and Don't every 100 meters and every activity having its own guides who see to that you follow the rules and regulations to stay safe. The cost of the tickets is very economical and it gives you a freedom to chose the activities of your choice.

Must say, Wild Tribe Ranch is just amazing and has that wow (world of wonderful things) factor, that will make you leave this place with enough fun and frolic memories and a want to come back for more. Must say, my ticket to go wild was utilized to the max and now its time for you all get your ticket to go wild. you can click here to know more about the ticket prices and packages for guaranteed fun

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