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    Our Mouth is one of the most important part of the body, also serving as our main source of entry for food and nutrients. The most important thing which gives shape to our mouth and helps perform its physiological function are the teeth. But, how often do we care about our teeth which helps us chew food? How often do we care for our teeth that makes our smile look beautiful ? How often do we visit a dentist ? How often do we bother to take care of our gums? Most of us don't do it regularly and leave it aside for we have other better works to do.. and, that's when we get hit by tooth pain or sensitivity and run to a dentist.

At the dentist, the sound of the drills and the view of a guy in mask with scary eyes staring at you, trying to pull away your tooth is what used to be common, but gone are those days. Now with recent advancement in dentistry there are multiple options for proper tooth care. Apollo White Dental Clinic is one of those places where you'd find a comforting feeling as you undergo your dental procedure. 

Apollo, as we know is a global brand when it comes to health care and with their dental services under the name "Apollo White Dental" they provide all dental solutions under one roof. Also, Apollo White Dental Clinics happens to be one of a kind dental care brand with 7 star dental spas, studios and express centers which provide top class dental care from top dentists who are an expertise in their field. Certified by the Indian Health Organisation, by aetna, these clinics offer everything from premium services to Avant grade cosmetic surgery at an effective cost without burning a hole in your pocket. Located at all major cities of the country, Apollo White Dental clinic has enough skilled dentists employed to give you the best possible dental care on par with global standards.

Recently, I had a chance to be at Apollo White Dental Clinic at Annanagar, for my oral examination and checkup as a part of a blogger campaign. I was given an appointment a couple of days in advance which suited my schedule. It was 4PM on Monday 14th March. The clinic is easily accessible to any one at Annanagar, as it is located on Second main road. I managed to reach before time and ensured that I relaxed myself before my dental procedures awaiting to happen. To my comfort, the couch and the ambiance just took moments to calm my nerves as I enquired about my appointment.

The first thing I noticed inside was the beautifully kept sitting area, with couches matching their brand color (green) . There were 4 consultation suites on one side, while the injections and stock collection room on the other along with the x ray chamber. Of the 4 consultation suites, one is fully dedicated for patients of the pediatric age group. Also, there are many specialist dental surgeons who visit the facility to provide the best dental care to their patients.

Dr Rathika Rai with the oral examination
I was soon welcomed by Dr Ratika Rai , a senior consultant and Prosthodontist at the clinic who asked me to get ready in consultation suite 3. She was soon there and I was prepared well with a bib and the light was focused on my mouth. I was soon under the dental mirrors and probes as she examined me initially and asked a few questions, following which I was taken to the x-ray room for a digital dental x-ray (the X-ray chamber which is present within their facility)

I was asked to wear my lead shield and place my chin on the guide, following which the radiology operator guided the x ray test equipment around my head to take a panorama shot of my teeth. The process was less time consuming and within no time a digital copy was ready on the computer accessible to every other computer in the facility there. I was guided to suite 2, where Dr Rathika along with a resident dentist Dr Judith Christina were there. 

Dental Scaling
I was shown my x ray, and an incidental cavity was found (incidental, because I had no complaints as such). To show me the small cavity in the distil end of my molar on the right, Dr Rathika used a small digital probe with a camera that displayed the cavity on the monitor. I was advised accordingly for the management. I was also advised for Scaling which was immediately done there by Dr Judith (resident Dentist), who also managed to give me some oral hygiene tips with which my dental procedures were done at the clinic. I was given an economical estimate for the management of my cavity which was identified earlier. 

I couldn't leave as such, and decided to thank everyone at the clinic there who took wonderful care in giving me the best treatment available and lessons which I would carry for life. With having to visit the clinic again I must say, it is highly recommended for anyone with dental issues to leave their fear aside and look to visit your nearest Apollo White Dental Clinic, for best in class dental care at an affordable price. I'm sure you'd walk out with a beautiful smile, and carry your memories an extra mile. 

- Sulaiman Sait

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  1. Apollo dental clinic is one the finest clinics I have found and equipped with some latest instruments and equipment and a very polite and experienced dentists near me.


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