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     In today's world, having a recent smart phone, with the best looks doesn't just speak for itself, its the accessories that your phone wears that makes it speak. Be it the phone covers or a phone case, a hanging stylus or a pouch, the accessories highlight your coolest hand buddy any day. Some use covers on their phone to take it to a next level, like wanting to show what somethings means to them, be it an image or a message close to their heart. For, Eg, you can spot a Chelsea logo on my phone cover, which I use it as a medium to shout out the ardent Chelsea football club fan I am. 

Finding the right cover sometimes is very difficult, you either get something which you are forced to buy or end up buying something that doesn't really suite your phone or your personality, but just for the sake of having a cover, you end up buying it. Well, don't you worry, there is a solution to this. lets you select phone covers from a wide variety of designs available. Be it clear plastic, wood, metal or metal these guys have it all for you. You also get to customize your own case/cover which will very well be taken care by their design team to be executed it to perfection for your phone. The best part, all the cases/covers which are made are inspected by hand, and you get a signature of the designer/ quality assurance person only after the case/cover is made to sit on a phone model similar to to your phone. What more, you get free delivery on all your orders. 

Casenation doesn't just stop with providing phone cases for your phone,tab or macbook's they also provide other solutions and accessories such a wireless chargers and stylish looking power banks which will complement the look of your phone when used along side.

The other day I was invited to an event where I we had a chance to interact with Mr Amit, a startup entrepreneur who sells phone cases and covers on his site Having started his career from the advertisement industry, Amit has successfully made it to as an successful online seller for phone cases. It was wonderful to interact with him and learn quite a lot about mobile phone cases and covers. Upon asking him what's so special about Casenation , we happened to realize that this company is not like any other company selling phone cases online, they have taken it a step ahead which I'm sure every online buyer would wanna see in the product they purchase

- They buy their own raw materiel and make their own cases instead of buying planks and printing it
- Have a hi tech, state of art factory with back end team constantly working on newer models of phone
- A dedicated design team works on different models and customization as ordered by customers
- None of the designs are repeated, so buyers always get to look at a new design everytime.
- Cases are signed by the maker, before checkout. A sign of guarantee 
- They have 6 walk in locations in Chennai (which include cafe's ) where one can experience the product they want before buying it.

Casenation provides a one stop for your mobile cases and accessories online. I have decided that I am gonna order all my future cases and accessories from Casenation. Its high time you expereince Casenation and get your phone speak the style you carry.

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