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Woman, the world alone is enough to produce an image in your mind of either your mother, your sister or your wife, someone who can be depended upon for a lot of things. Today if I am here its cause of a woman (my mother), If I'm able to communicate flawlessly, its cause of my teachers (women mostly), If I'm professionally capable its again cause of some women who have been alongside me during the most important part of my life. I owe a lot to all those women/ladies who have trusted in my and helped me stay confident in every thing I've done in life. This poem "A woman's worth" is dedicated to all those women who have made me the person I am today....

She's the one, who took pains to give me life,
The choice to one day be my wife,
She's my sister, my best friend,
Someone I'd always be grateful till the end.

She cooks, she keeps things clean,
Silently notices you from behind the screen
She laughs, she comforts, hiding behind her pain,
something her heart has always learnt to restrain.

She always gulps down her pride,
Putting her feelings aside,
She always has a solution to your problem,
certified with a quality emblem.

She's the one who'd always always care,
Neither does she need any appreciation or fare.
She has a magical presence, that can wipe away your tear,
like magical prop disappearing from thin air.

She resists every time something is said nasty,
For, she knows to maintains her dignity
She understands she can do what cannot be done by a man,
And, that's why she's called a Woman (Super Woman).

- Sulaiman Sait


  1. In love with your poems *_*
    Loved it to the core. A beautiful dedication :)

  2. Wish more men think like you and pay their gratitude with love and understanding.

    1. How I really wish the same ma'am. Its a matter of maturity and understanding that their life comes in existence only cause of a mother, a lady- a woman.....


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