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My Family My Pride

    This post dates back to those days when I was in my early days as a child. I was quite a slow learner back then and found it really difficult to do recollect thing that I studied. I always enjoyed playing games and loved to have a good time around with my friends back at school or back home in the apartment. It was quite a worry for my parents as my results were not indicating what they were expecting from me. Initially I didn't really understand why my parents were yelling at me most of the time. It was a sudden change when I did notice my mother going soft on me after realizing I needed special attention to study

     Dad insisted that my mom seriously looked into this issue and my mom did really give up on her job and sat along with me for long hours and made learning easy and fun. She got along with me and played games. She did manage to mix toys and studies to bring about an unmatched combination that did really help me understand and recollect things easily.

      Every time she would go out, she would take me along with her and would point out at things and say "Look beta, that's the sky, the sky is blue in color (or) Look son, that is an umbrella and its black in color". I might not exactly remember those days except for a few scenes where I remember replying back to my mom saying-  "S S Sky, sky is blue or umbrella is black". Everyone around insisted my mom that I should be sent to tuition, or should be sent to a hostel, while some people where like  'hit your son, I'm sure all that playfulness would go away and he would focus in his studies'. But my MOM, she didn't do any such thing which could harm me. She sat with me and was like a best friend for years and made learning interesting. She had her knack to make me write my notes in class, to finish my homework back at home. She knew the right balance to let me play with friends and come back to write all my notes. As I grew up I noticed how much she cared for me and how much she loved me. She had the key to make me successful unlocking all those challenges that lied ahead in upbringing me.

     With time I managed to learn things on my own and became a little independent. I was able to pass my exams with not much difficulty. Studying became fun and I started showing more interest as I was going to higher classes. I did finish my 10th and 12 with distinction to take up a professional course which I'm still perusing. She still continues to support me with her words of advise as I look to make my career in research. She's been my pillar of strength, She's been my pride. Not to forget my dad who's always trusted and supported my mom in what ever she did to educate me.

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