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    Happiness is a feeling that is very special and the emotions that arouse during happy moments are really one of a kind, and gives peace to ones heart. Happiness is something that becomes an essential for one to live, for it eases pain and brings out joy. Sometimes to remain happy, its important to understand that every thing in life happens for a reason and to accept it the right way; to bring about happiness. Also, there are some things or some events that happen in a certain order that bring about happiness. These moments could be either temporary or permanent; but, when these moments do come, its time you capitalize on them and enjoy those happy moments and thank God for them.

Today on International day of Happiness, I'd wanna share 10 things that make me feel happy, (in reverse order, from #10 to #1 which gives me maximum happiness)


    Holidays are like a day or more when I get a break from college and it is something that makes me happy as I get a day or two to relax. Also, I don't have to travel all the way to college or hospital. There is even more happiness when there are rains and the news channels reports "Schools and colleges will be closed due to heavy rain falls". But, sadly this happiness might end soon as I enter my internship now, following serious postings and ward duties. Nonetheless, I'm sure to find them somewhere or the other till I graduate and continue further studies :)

     I'm sure every one loves surprises. The element of surprise inside a surprise is what makes me happy. I've had a whole lot or surprise moments along with my near and dear. Not only that it leads to happiness, but makes me enjoy as well.


    I'm someone who loves food. Be it Arabian cuisine or Italian. South Indian or North Indian, I love all types of food. I enjoy cooking and baking as well. There is a special happiness when I cook food and parents/ guests really like them.

     Hanging around with friends is one of my favorite things and I feel happy when I have company of my friends. They might be insane, perverted or sometimes behave unique, but its always fun hanging around with them. I see happiness in this cause I'm the only child to my parents and have no siblings; but, nonetheless I have a whole set of good friends who fill this gap and I'm happy to have found such friends.


     Solving a Rubiks cube is like a challenge to many, for me its sheer happiness of being amongst the lucky bunch of people who can solve the cube. Not only can I solve the cube within a minute, but can also solve it blind folded. My happy moments include attempting to create new records and learning new tricks to skip steps and solving it in short time. Life is jumbled as a rubiks cube, but I have a solution to this and that makes me happy


     I enjoy travelling and meeting new people. There is a special kinda happiness when I learn new cultures, new languages, new styles and move around with people of different walks of life. I have traveled to almost all major south Indian cities and now look to move north. Travelling and journeys in train have always been a part of my memories. Most of the times I travel alone for my fun or any conference becomes a reason to travel to different cities.


     Writing has now become an eternal part of me. I usually prefer writing poetry of kinds and enjoy the time I spend behind writing them. My happy moments in writing come when I complete my poems/ posts and read them to realize the creation of yet another wonderful piece of literature. I get extra happiness when I receive comments and suggestions from my fellow bloggers and friends.


     Books, Books and more books, There is nothing more heavenly to me, than to spend time with books. The best part about books is the fact that they are man's best friends. I feel happy every time I get a chance to read any book, be it a subject book or a fiction book. I'm happy when I see a pile of books, be it at a library or my own collection at home, which include a whole lot of author signed copies as well. Its a special feeling, when you decide to spend sometime with something which you are gonna carry on for ever and you'll never regret it.


     Football is one of a kind of a game, which is action packed from minute 1 to 90, As a big fan of team Chelsea, it gives me happiness every time I get to see them play. Their smooth passing, their defensive tactics, their counter attacks is always special. I'm happy with every goal that my team scores, and hold a lot of memories some specials goals. Though there have been some moments to forget, there is every single reason to be happy for the number of silverware and trophies we win at the end of the season.


    There is no better happiness than seeing your near and dear happy. Since, my parents are everything to me, I could do anything and everything to see them happy and I would also see to that I give them any opportunity to feel sad or low about anything.
      Finally, The blessings of my parents, my teachers, my patients, my friends and relatives have always kept me happy, and similarly I would like to see everyone around me happy forever.

So, When there is happiness in around everything we do, its time,we celebrate Happiness with a bottle of COKE.
weather  Happy or sad,
nervous or excited
open a coke, open happiness.

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  1. It was great reading your reasons of happiness :)
    *Some many things in common* Bingo! I never tried Cubing. Strange no :/

    Nice read.


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