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It is always a special moment when you create a new record. Be it in sports or in some amazing/ unique thing that you can do. whatever it might be, record cannot be just created without proper support. In this blog post I share with you an instance where I had the togetherness and support of my family and friends when I attempted to create a national record.

        Ever since I have picked up a cube (rubiks cube), I've always wanted to be the fastest to solve it. Though in my initial days, I was not ever sure if I could even finish it within a minute. I happened to learn to solve it to the best from my friend and I did practice day in a day out and I could see every one around believe in the fact that I could do it.
Selfie time during practice session

    There was optimism around it as I could see my mom- dad spend quite sometime around with me helping me in any possible way. I still remember dad getting me print outs of those cubing algorithms, while mom would help me sticker those cubes which were worn out. On the other side I could see mom silently save enough from her monthly expenses to help me get the best of those cubes that I wanted. Some were normal, some had special adjustable modes and screws to have free movements, while some needed lubrication - I had them all. I remember my best friend sit along with me for hours and show me a whole set of you-tube videos as well and that's when a chemistry started cooking between us, she was there wanting to support me for the same.

    It was around 5 months since I started learning to cube and in another fortnight was the event to set a national record. I could feel a lot of pressure mounting on me as there were more than 300 participants who had already registered for the event. I did started from 3 hours of daily practice and then gradually increased practicing for a whole period of 5-6 hours. It wasn't easy, as my fingers started giving up days before the event and I had to give up cubing for a couple of days in between, before the record. But I was very much determined to get back on track and somehow managed to clock some good times. My bestie turned girlfriend was always around with me, and she would jumble the cube for me and also help clock time and keep a check on my progress. She did manage to create a whole set of situations where I had to put in extra efforts to solve the cube.

    It was finally the day of the event. I could see more than 500 + participants assembled, with over a thousand volunteers there. I was there along with my mom, dad and friends. She was there as well. The event was going on as per the time and my turn came soon. I was given a set of 5 trials and had to create a record. The best for the day/ record that stood there was 22 seconds, which I had to beat. I knew it would be possible for me to finish it within that time. I took a couple of rough trials and got my finger movements set. The officiator and the adjudicator were now there and I was asked to start with my performance. Just before I started, I looked up to my mom, dad and her. Though I don't really remember what I actually saw, I remember they really did see a face etched up with nervousness. I was asked to start. My first attempt clocked 23.06 secconds. Second was at 22.37, Third was the first best for the day 20.11. I did make a record for the day, and had two other chances to better my record. I clocked 16.08 in my fourth attempt, better from my previous record and raising the bar. I could mom come up and wipe my sweat before the final round, that made me a lot emotional and I happened to clock only 21.89 second for my final attempt. 16.08 was the official record for the day.

   That particular day was special for me, without the togetherness and support of my mom- dad, her and my friends who were there to witness me create this record it wouldn't have happened. Though this doesn't stand as the best record now; Yet, those moments, and that very day was very special for me like a page from my diary that I'll never fade.

My support and morale boosting optimism came from home, where I learnt and practiced everything and trust me if one has a good home, with good ambiance and surrounding, people can achieve what they want. Similar is the motto of  , who are determined to help you look up with optimism.

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