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     Exams finally over and I had planned to make my visit to Bangalore for a student council meeting on Sunday. I decided to stay at a hotel and not to disturb my dad's long time best friend's Gupta ji. But, when he found out that I had resided in Bangalore Cantonment and that too near his residence he forced me to visit his place once, and I had to make a visit. My train was at night, so I couldn't make dinner plans and afternoon was the meeting, so I decided to make it to their place by 10:30 am.

    I got dressed at the Hotel and decided to make my way to Guptaji's place. I was supposed to have got my complementary breakfast at the hotel, but it was getting late. I took an auto and reached his duplex flat. Gupta ji and Mrs Gupta were in the sit out in the lawn, having their breakfast. I had a guilty feeling of disturbing them during their meal. Gupta ji had asked me about my breakfast and I said I have skipped my breakfast. Immediately Mrs Gupta went inside and came out with a very unique Kellogs cornflakes meal. It had apples cinnamon and chilled milk. I was hungry and Mrs Gupta did have a laugh seeing me munch it in a hurry. One it was over she asked how was this "Best family walla nashtaa ?" I enjoyed it and then we moved inside where Priya (Gupta ji's daughter) was reading Sunday Times and Rohan (son) was playing with his gaming console.

   We had our conversations till 1 and then I took a cab, which Gupta ji arranged for me. The meeting went on and I was chosen as the president for the Student council and for the same reason I had to stay back for a week to get a few things sorted. I immediately informed my dad about this and when Gupta ji informed dad about my visit, my dad informed that he'll be there in Bangalore for another week. By night when I returned back to the Hotel. I saw Gupta ji and family waiting at the Lobby. Rohan and Priya were eating ice cream. I was asked by Gupta ji to stay at their guest room, but I didn't want to trouble them and obliged politely saying I would be busy and would not be right to trouble them when bouth Mr and Mrs Gupta are working

    Mrs Gupta asked me to join them for dinner daily. Since I had to leave in the morning and would probbably return in the night I had informed Mrs Gupta that I would not be having my dinner at their place and also didn't wanna trouble them. But, then I said "How about daily morning breakfast" She gave a wide smile while Rakesh's ice cream fell down. She asked me what I liked for breakfast and the first thing I said "Kelloggs". For the next one week, I shamelessly went to Gupta ji's place for breakfast and she served me different Kellogs recipes which not only was yummy, but filled my tummy.

I found my reason to visit Kellogg's walle Guptaji for daily Nashta  and learnt that Mrs Gupta has over 100 mouth watering Kellogg's nashta recipes. Now its your turn to find a reason to visit Guptaji's residence for a new Kelloggs recipe. Don't feel shy, Everyone wants to be at their place for the same.(don't believe me, see this video below)

Also, here are some of my favorite Kellogg's Nashta recipes I managed to pick from Mrs Gupta's kitchen (click to enlarge)


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