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Dry Baby, Happy Baby

   Its always a pleasant feeling to have a baby around at home and to play with him/her, or to get involved in their simple day to day activities that they try. Initially, I didn't really like the crying sounds of babies, nor did I like to carry them, maybe cause I was not comfortable with it. Then came my pediatric ward posting, where I had no other option but to learn to adapt with it, and over time when I had my new born nephew and niece at home, I learnt to enjoy time with them.

    The other day I happened to take my two year old nephew to the park along with my cousin sister, who decided to come along with me for a walk, to have some fresh air and to take a break from her usual work in the evening. I put my nephew on the pram and was pushing it around the park. I could see my nephew have a great time looking around at people walking around. I could see him look at kids play with the ball or slowly slide down the sliding board. I stopped the pram near the slide and slowly glided him down the slide. He was surely having a great time. People from around were looking at him and were also enjoying their time. Some young couple were asking about the kid, while some were pinching his cheeks, my nephew was smiling to everyone who came and had a good time with him. Every thing seemed okay till we made him sit on the grass while my cousin sister and I decided to have some snacks; and then my nephew started crying. My cousin sister, was not sure why was he crying?. Was it the grass, or did any insect bite him, did anything poke him or what it was. She thoroughly examined his body to find nothing, except for the fact that he had wet his diaper. She also forgot to have an extra set of diaper in the car or in the pram. I decided to leave them both in the park and look for a nearby shop to get some diapers.

    I found a kids - need shop a few hundred meters from the park, and found out the new Pampers Baby dry pants. I got a pack of it and left immediately to the park I asked my cousin sister to come to the parking lot with the kid so that she could change the baby diaper in the car. Once we changed the diaper, I could see my nephew feel comfortable and the same happiness come back on his face.He did enjoy for an hour longer and fell asleep as soon as we returned back home. I could see my nephew comfortable, my sister happy and also was I self satisfied on my decision to get the right diaper.

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  1. When kids are happy and at peace, we can live happily too :)
    Enjoyed reading it.


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