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    I was wanting to do my graduation at one the best colleges in the London, but it wasn't easy, and also came with a price of having to stay in a flat away from the campus. Staying in a private apartment was probably the most difficult part of my graduation period. It isn't easy to move on to a different environment where you are forced to share a room with someone new. I did find it difficult to share my things with my room mates, but with time things got sorted out well, yet that degree of comfort wasn't there. We were four Indians who took up the room and used to cook our dishes in turn.

    It was spring, and I happened to fall for my first crush, her name was Annabelle and she was my batch mate as well, born to an Indian father and a British mother, she always had a soft corner for Indians. With time we became close and at the end of my graduation our relationship bond had become stronger. It was time we changed our friendship into a relationship. I did propose to her and she did accept. There was only one worry in our relationship. I was on a student visa and would have to return back to India in another 10 months. That was the same period when our chemistry became stronger. I had to return to India for a week long break and that's when I decided to take her along with me to introduce her to my family. My family did accept her and it was time to turn this relationship into a wedlock.

   My graduation was over and I returned back to India with her to settle down back in my home town. It was a new beginning, a new start to what would be a different phase of my life. She did slowly learn to adapt to the Indian weather. She learnt to prepare tea for mom- dad and serve them. In the noon she spent time along with mom learning those traditional dishes which have been passed on from generations. She did manage to master them in quite some time. Since my earnings were enough she didn't want to go for a job, but rather managed to take care of all the expenses. Also, I managed to buy a new duplex house, which was a long term dream that I had.

   Now that we did move in to the flat with mom and dad, Annabelle managed to set up the house with those hidden interior designer like talents that she possessed. Its a small family, happy family now with Anabaelle expecting a child soon.
Its a peaceful new life now.
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