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P.C Sulaiman Sait
Faded are those letters
Written with drops of blood,
from the bottom of my heart.
Faded are those papers,
that turned yellowish brown,
ever since we been alone.
Faded are those memories,
blurred are those moments
since destiny split us apart.

I wrote to her daily,
till she halfheartedly pledged,
to finally become someone’s dear.
They say love comes
when it has to, and
that’s when the old disappears.
But, what about those letters?
Those moments I preserved all this while
will they always be here?

I tried to get over them
But; I couldn't further see
those traceable moments of failure.
Gripping me were those emotional bouts
like an iron fist around my heart
sinking me to the bottom.
I wanted to raise, I wanted to live
So I burnt those letters,
those letters which involved you. 

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  1. It's most difficult for those who're left behind to resume their lives. But to live, we need to move on without any unnecessary baggage to weigh us down. Lovely poem.

    1. @Bhavya Ji - Indeed its difficult to move on, but live carries us with the fact that there is something else waiting in store for us...
      Thanks for liking and commenting on this poem

  2. Yeah. It's hard to let go of love, and a person who meant the world. But you must if you must, and it's a start I suppose. Emotional poem, Sulaiman. All the best for BAT.

    1. @Vinay Leo - Yes, its really hard... and as you said, every end has a beginning ... this does start a new beginning for me in my life... thanks for the wishes...

  3. Love is a mystical thing - it exposes one to pretty much every duality that life as to offer....and yet, its better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? thats what they say :-) Life goes on....

    nice writing - all the best for BAT!

    1. @Shreayal Majumdar - Rightly said ma'a, and yes life does go on and it has to go on....
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment....

  4. Bro,

    What is this. The poem, the letter and yes... Life is life that. No, love itself is painful sometimes.


    1. @Sarav :( :( It is indeed painful, and this poem was written in pain....

  5. it is better to move on than to stick to your past, nicely woven words

    My Blogaton Post Letter of A Girl

    1. @Cifar Shayar - I have actually moved on, but with a lot of pain
      thanks for appreciating this post....
      and yes,
      for sure will I check out your post....

  6. The memories are painful indeed, but what if you look at it the other way?
    Find yourself lucky to hold on to memories of a person you loved and they loved you back.
    Good luck for BAT. =)

    1. @Prunzaye - I'm on the verge of holding on those memories.... but it ain't easy
      thanks for the wishes :)

  7. Well depicted memories in Verses.
    ATB for BAT

  8. When people burn what causes unhappiness, they get over the pain!
    Remember the movie- Jab We Met?
    Best wishes for BAT :)

    1. @Anita ji - haha yes... I do remember that scene of expelling out the pain.... But, truth be told, it aint easy
      btw thanks for reading and leaving behind your comments

  9. Nice...sometimes you have to let go.. and Try to forget the memories... sometimes time Heals..

    1. Indeed time does heal and does sweep up with its tide
      thanks for reading and leaving behind your comments :)

  10. Its better to find hope and move on, rather than keeping relics of a past which would not let you live. After enough time has gone by, you look back at those memories as a distant person and they look like empty seashells. Beautifully expressed.


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